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Sabbath March 4, 2023: Take 2

There is a little confusion with some understanding growing degree days and the sun. In fact, there are those who claim it has not only been record heat (which it has not) and clear skies throughout the Land (which is a complete falsehood).

The first 3 pictures are from Megiddo this morning. I chose to illustrate the cloudy skies framing the grain growing there. Why? Because it confirms the lies about clear skies and secondly it opens the door to address this effect on the growing heads of grain.

Contrary to some teachers of the Abib Calendar Cycle you need direct sunshine to increase production of foods and starches for grain to fill out the kernels in each head. Many Biblical realities to that but we are just talking the science here.

Regardless of how warm temperatures get you still need direct sunlight to get the maximum value out of a growing degree day. With the skies being less than desired in that regard the heads of grain work in unison with the stalk/leaves and root system to spend some time growing bigger kernels rather than maturing them. Thats a simple fact.

Notice the amount of moisture this morning in Megiddo. Does this look like very hot and dry conditions to you? Make a choice don't disregard the evidence. So much for all the hype being generated by some that the grains in the land are at the very verge of being aviv. Sorry Charlie, as the tuna commercial used to say. Better luck next time to attempt to deceive.

The last picture is of the Jezreel Valley at sunset yesterday.

We could show you lots of pictures from this past week which show the very same conditions but you can access them yourselves.

Still may be a 3rd post later today.

Our peace we give to you.


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