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Sabbath May 6, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to you lovers of our Elohim!

Here we are at the last day of the 4th week of our count to Pentecost. How are you doing on the personal side of things attempting to keep sin out of your daily lives? Are you or will you be ready for harvest at the end of the 7 weeks?

We have 7 photos from the week for you. They are very instructive in using basic agricultural principles and patterns in the Land to describe future spiritual realities. They repeat themselves year after year, so keep these ones in your memory files.

Photo number one speaks volumes to us. Look at the bailed grain from weeks ago still sitting in the field. Look what is trying to catch up to it in this harvest. The secondary growth, late germinating seeds which now have opportunity to get light from the sun after the earlier grain which overshadowed it was cut. The pace of its growth is much more rapid as the photo shows us. Short stocks, but nice heads forming. It is aware that the time to be harvested is running out. Only a few more weeks for the first harvest to be completed. Will it qualify for it?

When I see this each cycle it reminds me of the 11th hour workers who will get the same full reward as those who worked for many more hours in the heat of the day.

This pattern in cut fields repeats itself in each first and second year after an intercalated year. That is due to the standard soil conditions in those year which hold more moisture and receive some still during the second month of the year just like this cycle. That will not happen in the third month for as Yifat says "And here comes the desert summer." As well it does not happen in the third year of a cycle for it is into the dry summer very quickly.

It is easy to distinguish which sections of the field were harvested for silage before the others for the later ones have no new growth and will not, for there is not enough time in this early harvest and most assuredly would die prematurely due to the "desert summer" conditions that happen during the second month of the year usually starting in the middle of it. This year it will last a little longer for it is the first year in the cycle.

You folks have been witnessing wheat being harvested for a month now in one form or another yet there are those who are desperately trying to say it is about to happen. In that, they are hoping to place a false narrative into their religious beliefs. I get it. But it is still a very big no-no.

At this day and age in the Land, wheat is planted in the months of October-December, just like the barley is, and is ready to harvest at the same time so please give up the nonsense about trying to tie the start of the wheat harvest to Pentecost/Firstfruits of Wheat for it just does not happen. Of course if you have manipulate the start of your month of Abib all bets are off, right?

The last two pictures from yesterday are of fields that were started to be harvested for silage weeks ago being well past Leviticus 2:14 as you have witnessed. However, the need and price for flour took a jump so the silage operation was stopped and the wheat flour operations are going to start. Look how long wheat can stay on the stalk in the field without being harvested. this particular area has been flour grade ready for over 3 weeks now. Barring any major weather effects it can stand there for several more weeks as well. The reason it is not harvested yet is because farmers are busy planting and harvesting and maintaining vegetable crops as anyone can see on the internet. They manage their crop harvesting time around that of other produce.

Talk about a false narrative to the original intent for the Israelites in the Land.

Be very careful about applying modern anything to Biblical Commands and Principles: be it to the calendar, words, etc. There are many traps set by our adversary to take us off course.

Keep safe in the spirit of Father and of our Christ/Messiah our Wavesheaf.

Our peace we give to you.


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