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Sabbath May 6, 2023: Take 2, last of the shavuot error posts.

Happy Sabbath, once again Folks! I had decided to leave things as they may be after last week’s post on the issue of shavuot not being part of the original Hebrew words used in the scriptural command. That was until yesterday when I received a very well written email from Nichole. It spelled out her concerns for she was finding shavuot everywhere she was researching. That was concerning her for my behalf. She does not say it, but she may have thought: are you going daft?

She explained shavuot was a Hebrew word used in all the translations. Some others have also mentioned it is found in the Bible everywhere the plural of shabua is mentioned.

If you remember my challenge to the queen of the north you will recall I asked her to show me the word shavuot in the original text. No one, including her has done that yet, because they can’t. It is not there. Just like the Jewish word res’it has usurped the Hebrew word re’shiyth and allowed it to change the intent of the scripture, so too has shavuot done to shabua and its 2 extensions as to plural and feminine uses.

The second question I have been asking is: when did that first happen?

There are some “Hebrew scholars” who consistently view the site here but who have elected not to answer the question, for once again it puts Judaism in a bad light. We may get to that later but let’s start at the beginning again.

Strongs instructs us #7620 can be spelled in English as follows: shabuwa or shabua. He continues stating the feminine is shebuw’ah. It also gives us the spelling and pronunciation of each. You can’t find shavuot there in any way, shape, form, or inference. Remember we are not speaking to the modern Jewish words that usurp the original Hebrew words inspired by our Elohim to be written for us and never, never changed or deleted or added to.

Strongs continues to say these words are properly passive particles of #7650 (shaba) as a denominator of #7651 (sheba); literally sevened. i.e., a week (specifically of years).

Please look up the two of them noted above on your own #7650 and #7651. Fascinating connection to oaths, etc. This word as stated can be used as a denominator of a cardinal number #7651 thus it can be an indefinite number of sevens. That means plural if you did not get it.

Merriam-Webster defines denominator as follows: denominator noun de·​nom·​i·​na·​tor di-ˈnä-mə-ˌnā-tər 1) mathematics: the part of a fraction that is below the line and that functions as the divisor of the numerator. 2) a shared trait, a common denominator. THE MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY ALSO GIVES THE ETYMOLOGY OF A WORD AND ITS HISTORICAL USE, AS WELL AS ITS FIRST KNOWN USE. HERE IS THE EXAMPLE WITH THE WORD DENOMINATOR UNDER WORD HISTORY: Etymology see denominate First Known Use: circa 1542, in the meaning defined at sense 1) Time Traveler: The first known use of denominator was circa 1542 Of course, others sources do so as well, but this is a convenient one for our use today. Back to the Hebrew now.

So, the use of the Hebrew word #7620 can and does act as a mathematical denominator as well as having a common trait. That is why it was inspired to be used by our Elohim. HANDS OFF ANY CHANGES TO IT! That is His command not mine.

This word, with its 3 conjoined spellings and pronunciations is very important to the foundation and undertaking of the count to Pentecost. Actually, let’s make that clear right here, that it is not to be fiddled with for it holds more promise than just a counting of numbers and required actions associated with it when used in defining the end result of the 49-day count of 7 PERFECT Sabbaths. #7650 shaba; a prime root; properly to be complete, but used only as a denominator from #7651; to seven oneself, i.e., to swear (as if repeating a declaration 7 times).

That is what part of the foundation of the Hebrew word for week or weeks comes from folks. It is very personal and very serious to our count during the 49-day count to the end of the last perfect Sabbath. To help those of you who have been confused by the queen of the north, a perfect Sabbath count is just that. To get to it you need to count from 1 through 7. As applied here it means you will be required to count every day from Wavesheaf Sunday or the first day of the week to ensure you have 7 perfect Sabbath weeks. That is why it says we individually are to do so ourselves. There is an oath implied in all of this as the word clearly means. You do not let someone else do it for you.

Please remember this early harvest is 49 days. Grain is being harvested each and every one of them except for on the Sabbath. There is a spiritual reality to it all if we are to be included in the spiritual body of our Wavesheaf Messiah at the end of the count on the 50th day, the spiritual Jubilee of the Bride. So, if someone tells you that you only need to look at a Gregorian Calendar for 7 Saturdays so you don’t get messed up in counting 7 Sabbaths, run like hell! If they happen to say that is counting the omer; run like hell again, but even faster.

We are instructed that our adversary has deceived the whole world. Do you think that means the whole world minus Judaism and little “c” Christianity? If so, do not be so naive. If even the elect can be deceived, where do you think everyone else fits in? We are told that his minions will also come as angels of light, not just as ravenous wolves.

The easiest way to deceive a person is to take something familiar and convince them of a different spin on it. That is what grifters do all the time to get someone’s money. They present themselves as a friendly sincere person who has their interest at heart. Once that is accomplished then comes the kill. That would be the call for their money.

Satan does exactly the same thing, but not to get your money. He tried to convince Christ/Messiah of a false narrative in scripture by flipping a few words. That is his methodology as to how he has been so effective in deceiving the whole world. Keep a scripture intact, but just change the intent and application of a key word and you may not even have to take it out of context to make the kill.

That is what he did with the Protestant Translators of the King James Bible. It is replete with mistranslations that change the inspired intent of specific words in Hebrew, but even more so in Greek. Remember the timing of it: 1611. Of course, it was being worked on for many years prior to that in an effort to produce a bible written so not to offend king James and his court. They had opportunity to actually use properly translated English words for Greek words but chose inferior ones to not provoke the little king and thus convey something more to his liking.

Our fellowship examines some of them from time to time to see the extent of the deceptions.

The very similar thing has taken place in Judaism as to words. Remember they reject the commandments of Elohim for their own traditions and commandments of men. Now who said that in Mark 7? We have been warned in scripture to not eat off their table because of their erroneous doctrines and traditions. Satan’s number one desire for that religion is to deny Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah in any way possible. Using the word shavuot applied to Pentecost does exactly that! The rulers of Judaism needed to keep up with the Protestant Translators in their deceptive translations and that is what happened. Satan is using both to accomplish his goal of denying the authenticity of our Savior.

He has been very successful in both denying Him in the chronology of events and in who and what He actually was, and what His purpose was and is being our Wavesheaf and being offered on our behalf and our place in the count to the 50th day; Pentecost, the spiritual Jubilee of those who matured and are harvested to this purpose. As Paul tells us, that is the Gentiles at this time under the terms and conditions of this New Covenant, for Native Israel is cut off until the full number of the Gentiles called of Father finish the count, for they defiled their Covenant terms and conditions. Thus a new one, a better one, was needed.

Those who keep the faith, and the oaths, to always do so after being baptized and having hands laid on, during these Second Marriage Covenant terms and conditions will be included in that count, that early harvest. And please do not fall for it being a renewed covenant of the first one. If I need to show the scriptural pattern to that just say so. All we need to do is follow Paul through the scriptures where he instructs us there is an old and a new with different terms and conditions and that those who qualified under the first are awaiting their reward and those who have and are qualifying under the terms and conditions of the second are also awaiting their reward.

And guess when that happens? On Pentecost with the joining of the two tabernacle tapestries consisting of 5 each to make one complete Tabernacle enclosure. Yes, joined by 50 golden clasps.

So now back to Merriam-Webster for shavuot with its unbiased statements.

Shavuot noun Sha·​vu·​ot variants or less commonly Shavuos or Shavuoth or Shabuoth shə-ˈvü-ˌōt -ˌōth,-ˌōs, -əs. : a Jewish holiday observed on the sixth of Sivan and by Orthodox and Conservative Jews in the Diaspora also on the seventh of Sivan in commemoration of the revelation of the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai. called also Pentecost. (In error and through deception as I will address) Word History: Etymology; Hebrew shābhūʽōth, plural of shābhūaʽweek (original Hebrew words which have been usurped and set aside) First Known Use: 1613, in the meaning defined above. Time Traveler: The first known use of Shavuot was in 1613

Please drink this all in. The original words are listed here for the singular and the plural uses. The Jewish word shavuot does not come on the scene until circa 1613. You can find the same information with other non-political and non-religious sources. But you can also find it in the history of Judaism as well. With truthful historians that is.

No doubt someone will ask why do you say it is a Jewish word? Because it came out of Judaism to separate its doctrines from those of the commandments of Elohim and Christianity. A simple historical fact. Shavuot was the name decided on to usurp the original Hebrew inspired by Elohim to represent their defiled account to the process described in the original scriptures.

Thus, it is the name given to a count which denies the divinity of our Messiah and what His purposes were. That is why you see it incorrectly written out in all the translations here at the end of the age. However, you will see the spelling and numbering of the original Hebrew words, thus some think it is actually a translation and pronunciation of them.

You have a choice to make. Are you going to plaster this Jewish noun on top of the Greek Pentecost? To do so is to be deceived for it represents something very different from the intent of what our Elohim have instructed.

No, we do not eat from the table of Judaism!

What a blessing that our Elohim have used men and women to preserve the actual original language and its intents for us here at the end of the age. It is so true: They will never leave nor forsake us in having the ability to see through every deception the adversary has put in front of us.

We are to be stewards of the hidden truths to assist others.

Our peace we give to you.


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