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Sabbath November 18, 2023

Good morning and Happy Sabbath to all,

We hope you are wrapped in the safe and secure envelope of this Sabbath rest by the One and Only Lord of it. The evil abounds outside of it and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it for it is prophesied to happen just as it is. Our function is making ourselves ready and part of that is being a diligent witness to it. When evil presents itself as truth we simply expose it for the darkness it is.

Here is a pattern that I have understood for many years and apply it when necessary to get to the source of a untruthful report.

When someone adds to or takes away from the Word of God/Elohim it is used as a key to unlock the Biblical condition quoted as "ever learning but never coming to an understanding of the truth." When one enters that condition, things they once understood as true and steadfast become clouded and no longer understood. That brings about the syndrome of right being wrong and wrong being right. It is called spiritual stupor and it is a curse for adding to and taking away from the Word of God/Elohim, the truth which was once delivered for all times.

Some may be asking why I am stating this here. The answer is simple, there are so many mistruths about the simplicity of the Biblical Calendar being presented, and accepted, by some who should know better these days. The father of lies knows the value of the Abib Calendar at this time at the end of the age. He knows it is being used to perfect the Bride of Christ. He is using his dumbed down emissaries to introduce confusion into the process to take us off course. We should expect nothing less from him or them.

He uses the same methodology he has for ever. The same one he did trying to tempt Christ to sin in the wilderness. He uses scripture out of context to do so. He also uses what is deemed common sense with twists to it to apply to ones human vanity. If we are not guarding what enters our minds we can inject this evil and taint ourselves in our pursuit to make righteous decisions and undertake righteous acts worthy of one who will be fulfilling the function of the second Eve in Fathers Household.

The latest tragic example of tainted food being presented to the drooling unprepared is that there is such a thing as a biblical 28 day month. Once again, it is being presented by one who is under the curse of spiritual stupor from our Elohim.

A Biblical Month can only be 29 or 30 days. Anything outside of that is from the father of lies, our adversary the devil.


Because on the forth day of Creation Week Yehovah set in place the physics in the heavens restricting the two great hands of light on the heavenly clock to a set and fixed pattern. (He interrupted this twice in scripture and then returned to the set pattern.) That is why it takes approximated 29.5 days for a complete conjunction. That in turn commands the light appearing on the earth to take place on either the 29th on 30th day depending upon the other associated physics in place with the earth itself, cloud cover, haze, time of transitioning to setting, etc. Anything other than that is an error by someone along the way. This is all designed to have its focus on Jerusalem. If looked upon from another location on earth the physics of it change as to timing and thus another outcome. It may be close sometimes and in agreement but at others it will not. That seems acceptable to some just like taking scripture out of context does, but not to our Elohim. They are perfect Creators with a perfect Plan of Salvation for mankind. They do not play hocus pocus, here we are and here we are not. If They did that no one would qualify to fill the function of Christs Bride in the household of the Elohim.

Man can't change the dynamics of the physics set in place no matter how they attempt to shroud it by adding to or taking away from the truth once delivered in the Word of God/Elohim.

If one comes to you saying there is a 28 day biblical month or for that matter one longer than 30 days run as fast as you can and certainly do not try to taste it before hand. It is food prepared for fools by the master chef of such tainted things, the father of lies and deceptions.

We hope you have your armor upgraded and in full view through your relationships with Father and Christ.

Our peace we give to you.


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