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Sunday April 30, 2023: Take two

Aha! It worked.

I hear I drew the Queenie of the north out with our post today. Come on Queenie, show us the word shavuot in the original Hebrew scriptures! Don't just say it is there dear, do it. It is not there regardless of how much you try to disguise the fact. It is a modern word usage which just about anyone can find out with just a little work.

That is like calling Kenny (your husband) by the name Moshe. Not there in the original Kenny Goldman was it. Just why did you change your names?

Its easy for you to just insert what you like in your flawed doctrines and expect it to be believed and accepted. Don't forget changing your names either, there is always a record for others to follow up on. Please answer that question for all to hear as well.

Why don't you consult one of your Hebrew scholars on the subject of shavuot? You won't like an honest answer maybe? Shavuot is a "recent" name to describe Sivan 6 dear, that is a fact.

Would you like for me to tell you when it was first used as it is today in Judaism? Just say yes and I will get the message and will do so. Etymology is a fascinating but little used practice these days as you are so easily displaying. Now don't go playing the wounded dove routine like you did a month ago when things got hot in the kitchen of being called out with your fantasies. But if you do, you will have to pull your feathers down over your teeth a little better so they are completely covered and not showing.

Such a classic card to play with the unsuspecting. I will be waiting.


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