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Sunday February 11, 2024

Dear Brethren,

It’s time to address what we knew would come about at this time in the Abib Growing Cycle. Not prophetic, just patterns clearly seen in people.


Yes, I was sent the video Becca put up. Yes, I suffered through it. Yes, there were no surprises. Yes, I will answer some questions.

First, as I stated some time back, I would not address either of the 2 ladies in the Land unless questions came up, or something worthy was said. So here we are in brief to date.

  1. Yes, the grift/scam is on.

  2. Yes, she is sucking in the mixed multitude/tares and babes who want to be a part of the Biblical Calendar doctrine here at the end of the age.

  3. Yes, she is using intrigue and false humility that they can’t see through. She gives them a swig of sugar water to hook them telling them to wait for the main course of delusion. And she will smack them down along the way.

  4. Good catch!!! Yes, she uses words and precepts and phrases I instruct about to make her grift/scam more palatable. She has for a long time, but is intensifying her use of the understandings we have been teaching with her specific twists to them.

  5. Yes, she reads every post we put up. I can tell you how we know that but spare you the details. Technology is amazing.

  6. Yes, the white heads and stalks of goat grass barley are dead. They met an immature death due to the meteorological conditions. All of you old timers know this from experience. Can you believe the yarn she is spinning that these dead heads will turn green again? You can’t make that stuff up! But the mixed multitude/tares and babes just hang on her every word and lap it up regardless of how unrealistic it is. But that is okay, it is supposed to be that way here at the end of the age. It’s going to get much worst. There is nothing you can do about it so don’t lose any brain cells over it.

  7. Another good catch! Yes, I did bait her into driving to the South in an earlier post. It’s not that hard to do. I simply pattern people and things. I have done so since my youth. Everyone and everything have patterns which instruct us in what they probably will do next. That is very Biblical and is joined to and assisted by our ability to discern the spirits.

  8. Correct, we cannot start a Biblical Month days or weeks after the first crescent appears as we have written about often in the past. Here are just a couple of scriptures:

Leviticus 23:37 These are the appointed moedim of Yehovah which you shall proclaim holy convocations, to offer an offering made by fire to Yehovah, a burnt offering and a grain offering, a sacrifice and drink offerings, the thing of a day on its own day!
Numbers 28:2 Order the children of Israel, and say to them; My offering, My food for My offerings made by fire as a sweet aroma to Me, you shall watchfully careful to offer to Me at their appointed time.

Notice one that needs to be watchfully careful about.

Numbers 28:11 And on the beginning of your months you shall present a burnt offering to Yehovah….

We have a Biblical Calendar so we will not miss the day our Elohim want something done on.

She will no doubt not want to answer that, but if she does, it will be along the lines that we don’t make new moon offerings any longer and it’s more important to get it right about the goat grass wavesheaf representing a false christ. Sad but true.

9. Sum it up? I have often in the past so for bringing that back to remembrance it is simple. She is a tool being used to separate the barley from the chaff just like her father is used. That is a fact not some kind of slight.

Now on a positive note. Finally, after 25 years Devorah has adopted our Biblical understanding of what barley should be used and where it is planted and grown to secure a First of the Firstfruits Wavesheaf offering to start the beginning of the Biblical Year. Yes, the same one we have used for many, many years and were mocked for doing so by grifters and people of spiritual stupor. Several cautions however. She uses a very different set of rules to actually begin her new year. Also don’t confuse her definition of volunteer barley with acceptable wild barley growing amongst her sister, the domestic barley. The 2 witnesses. The wild barley located there is volunteer, as are locations which are not planted to domestic in a given year, but the seeds from the year before have germinated and are growing in cultivated fields.

That is why we came up with the term “goat grass” so many years ago to differentiate between the different location that wild barley is growing in. One acceptable and all the others are not.

Give credit where credit is due! But not the begging for money. I understand her motives in it, we are just happy the truth on the subject is being put forth by her finally.

Bridget sent over some pictures of domestic barley from the area we designated as the most “probable” for a wavesheaf offering by the end of the 12th month, for those who use that criteria to start the year. The reason we designated this area is the lack of rain. Enough rain to germinate and grow, but very marginal for maturing in a normal pace of growth. It will be forced.

Notice the first one shows most of the field in stage 5 with heads coming out; or already out, of the boot (swollen stock). Now a close up of a specific location of a field there. Notice how stressed the plants are. The leaves are turning yellow and some have ergot starting to kill them. That is the black you see on the heads, stalks, and leaves. That will spread rapidly through a field and render it unharvestable. Some of you guys have inspected this deadly killer during our inspections.

There is quite a bit of secondary spraying going on in this area to try to kill the fungus's and such. Hopefully these farmers will get some help from above.

Now for some good witnesses as to the time in the winter cycle we are in across the Land. All in the early stage 5 of Zadok growth scale.

A few more witnesses from domestic grain in that same belt across the NW Negev. Remember we are 4 days into the 2 weeks of heads exploding out of the boots in the early grains.

Some of you wanted some more pictures of he upper Jordan overflowing her banks. This will continue for some time in this stretch of it. South of the Sea of Galilee is a completely different story. No winter glory there any longer. The one in the middle is a flooded winter field.

We are entering the time of the second half of winter where the Iris' takes command of certain locations from the anemones.

Looks like we may get the 4th snow event in the North this upcoming weekend. We will see what Father decides now won't we.

Lots of more Biblical witnesses will be entering the scene during the second half of this upcoming 12th month which should be starting tonight for folks who use Israel as their criteria.

Our peace we give to you!


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