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Sunday February 12, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

The South has gotten the rains it needs to once again start the next stages in the grains growth cycle. Actually it is still getting some localized rains as I write.

This past 8-9 days we have witnesses a very big course correction in the Land. Hopefully you have been following posts here and around the internet as to its intensity.

But now it is time to look forward and understand where the Abib Cycle goes from here. Lets catch up on some realities of the South and in particular the "Bread Basket" of the NW Negev.

Here we have three pictures of the Lonely Tree in Ruhama. All are taken in the month of February. The first in 2021, second in 2022, and the third yesterday 2023.

In comparing the difference in the maturity of the grain from 21-22 against 23 is quite sobering. That is what the lack of rain does to a crop in and out of the Land. Our Elohim determine such things. That is why our Creator specifically told Native Israel they were going to enter a land of hills and valleys which drank in water from the rains of heaven and not like where they came from where they used irrigation to water their crops.

No, this time around they were to be completely dependent on our Elohim. So here we are in a cycle which is upside down in many respects. What are we to learn from this? Good question.

This is a year we will be looking for the supporting cast of Biblical Witnesses defined in scripture and found in creation which assist the barley in proclaiming the start of the Biblical Year with greater eagerness. We have harped about this for many years now and this year we are going to be presented with a perfect scenario of events which will require them to be present in great numbers. Look at the fourth picture here today. We can show you more like it but it shall suffice. This was taken yesterday in the area of the Jezreel Valley or as we refer to it the Central part of the country. Look at the heads of winter wheat coming out of the boot. We have addressed this already but it needs to be addressed periodically so it is kept in memory. The soils here are very stony as you have witnesses to in this cycle and previous ones. The weather conditions in this region have actually been good enough to encourage the winter wheat to mature early. Just enough moisture to sustain rapid development in producing a head. What do you notice about the size of the plants. Yes, quite short for the winter wheat that grows in this region from year to year. You also know the reason why for it is following a pattern we have laid out here for all to understand for many years. In summation we have stony soils which force the plant to mature earlier than it would in good soils, it has expedited growth through the first stages of the Zadok code (up through boot emergence) which results in the plant putting all its resources into head development and emergence rather than growing taller and broader, etc.

But, now we are in a course correction from Father. What does the head need to be able to produce healthy seeds during the flowering stage?

Warmth, sunshine, and water. All three are needed to complete the process so that the seed filaments absorb lots of starches to fill out and then pass the aviv threshold after how many days? Remember aviv means they can reproduce themselves.

Thus, enter the effects of Fathers course correction for the grains of the Land. What would be the Zadok Code required amount of days to reach aviv if the rest of the cycle was perfect?

You can answer that one for yourself. Its very simple if you have learned how to read and apply Zadok's Code to this process.

This is a great learning year for many if they really want to learn the process!

As far as the witness of the barley goes we will need to have both sisters witnessing together. That is the wild and the domestic. We have spent a lot of time with pictures and reporting on this event over the years. Both of the barley sisters possess 14 chromosomes. That is important. They have the same amount of growth cycle days to reach aviv. However the big difference is when the wild does, it shatters and falls to the earth and is rendered unharvestible. The domestic on the other hand has a gene mutation (some call it an enhancement) which allows the head to stay together on the stalk for many weeks after the state of aviv is reached. Thus it is very harvestible.

If we get a chance this week we may post all those technical things for those who may not have ever seen them.

Hoping the week ahead is a good one for all in spite of the ever growing darkness encompassing mankind. Be the light you were called to be!


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