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Sunday February 4, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

The IMS summary for January is a testament to what you have been seeing on a daily basis in our posts. Lots of rain and for half of the month temperatures higher than normal.

Please put this month into your memory banks in your brain. look at the results in the growth cycle this month. even with the higher temps the rain amounts curtailed any quicker than normal Zadok growth rates. That is the power of the water levels in the soil as we have detailed so often. But! Do not forget the other component in all of that. Lots of cloud cover which slows the rate of growth in grain crops down. Very important.

On the other hand we have the South way under what is normal rainfall and thus the goat grass is racing to its anemic finish. That is a beckoning call to the prognosticators of such things. So do not be surprised to see them flocking there to make their anti-christ declarations with their anemic goat grass samples.

We have all of this already noted in a summary to date put together yesterday which we will most likely post later today.

Patterns in scripture and in creation are simply amazing. They are there to instruct us in righteousness.

Our peace we give to you!


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