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Sunday January 7, 2024

Hi Folks,

I was just thinking how many Sabbath keepers understand the history of the Sabbath being switched to Sunday in little "c" Christianity. Do the years 274 and 321 represent anything to them. Remember history is the memory of a people and a nation. Without history we can be dragged down a recurring cycle of errors. I love looking into the history of a subject or people.

Unfortunately today there are so many revisionists destroying truth it is sad. But in the end, truth wins regardless of their efforts to deceive. So stand in the breach for truth.

We are starting to get some transitions in the flower world in the Land. Patterns are wonderful to follow and observe. Without water none of this would happen. The early rains in the Land bless it and encourage it to start all of its yearly growth cycles. Perfect sequencing.

I have zoomed in on several fields of domestic grain so that folks can compare yesterdays growth chart to the look of the grain and practice determining its age in Zadoks scale.

And then we have a good example of where one would find both domestic and wild barley which could be used for the determination of the start of the Biblical year if they met the minimum standard of aviv as described in Leviticus 2:14. So examine the location and take some guesses.

Our peace we give to you!


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