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Sunday March 19, 2023: Part 2

The following pictures are of the representative samples from the fields in part 1 of this report. By the way it is and has been raining very hard all night here.

Notice how all of these 8.3 and above samples shatter when handled. 8.3 is also the point in the plants cycle (only wild barley) that this occurs.

Hopefully I did not duplicate them, eyes are heavy. Then to wrap up the photos from today this is one of the locations we did not have time to inspect. Many look just like it but are left for others to do so.

Our trip to the NW Negev (via the southern end of the Dead Sea so Bridget, Brenda and Jim could see it) produced the results we had expected from our months of following the meteorological conditions there.

Lots of wild barley growing in domestic grains in the Zadok 7 ranges and some in the 8.1 stage. Many locations looked at produced the same result. These won't make a first of the month start for this year losing that crown to the Center of the country. Thus the first of the firstfruit wavesheaf offering comes from there.

Lots more pictures but these should suffice for you old timers, not sure how the new comers thinking goes what with all the misinformation out there.

Buy the way it is still coming down in buckets outside. Thunder as well.

We hope our efforts have been of assistance to you in your personal evaluation as to the start of the new Biblical Year.

And no, we do not want any of your money.

Our peace we give to you!


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