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Sunday March 20, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

As most of you know we have curtailed putting up a lot of barley pictures for the simple fact that phase of this years growth determination is behind us with currently being in a 13th month.

However, I did want to share a picture from Yifat taken yesterday before I head out to plant trees. This photo is of red strain wild barley growing amongst its cousin the winter wheat near Daliyya Israel. That is south of the Jezreel Valley in the central highlands.

For those of you who are new to our site what you are looking at is the heartiest of the wild barley strains. We named it the red strain many years ago. We have recorded its patterns for many years as well in our reports.

Yifat has captured the moment with this photo yesterday. This is what wild barley looks like growing in good ground. Once again compare this to the anemic goat grass growing in stony ground you are used to seeing from others being used as witnesses.

Please zoom in on the heads of wild barley. You will see they are just entering the early flowering stage of their growth cycle. Notice how tall and thick the stems are. As many of you know from years of experience this is the point in which wild barley growing in good ground starts to bow before its Creator. How appropriate that timing is for this is the phase in which the seed embryos are pollinated and life begins in each empty husk.

Always look to the good ground for acceptable barley witnesses. Wild barley growing in anemic stony soils (goat grass) is unacceptable for a witness.

Winter is still locked into the landscape in the Promised Land. We will follow the week of rain ahead and then wander off preparing for the start of the new year until something relevant to our calling and keeping the Abib Calendar surfaces.

Our peace we give to you.


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