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Sunday March 24, 2024

Good Morning Brethren and a happy pre-Passover day to you!

We are anxiously looking forward to participating in the foot washing function this evening and taking the symbols of the New Covenant instituted by our Lord and Savior.

Some are asking for more evidence of this being the Month of Abib. What can I say guys? We have displayed the events leading up to it left in creation for us to do so for many months now. If you have not spent time with them please do so and get educated to what is really taking place in the Land.

Here are a few more pictures from completely unbiased residents of Israel. There are hundreds of them put up online each day. We are thinking next week we may post many of the links for you to do so as a "shortcut" seeing how many are struggling with so many "opinions" this year from those who have climbed over the walls of the Abib Calendar and not entered through the door.

So the first photo is of spelt. Some of you have been asking so here is a field of it near the Megiddo District. Yes it has entered the dough stages but not sure when this location was planted for we do not follow it. But as you can see it is thriving with all the water this year in that area.

However you can clearly see this field is way past being aphiyl: darkened in the boot not having a head showing. So for you guys who like to return to Egypt here is a simple proof of the time of year it is. It just adds to the evidences already reported over and over again.

By the way spelt will bow before its Creator like barley. This looks to be about 2- 3 weeks away from harvest ready depending on the method used to do so.

Note there are no awns which is a dead giveaway to what it is. Keep in mind we have posted photos of individual stalks growing in barley early in the this cycle which you can determine an age easily with those for they were planted at the same time in the same field.

Once again, way past the aphiyl stage noted in Egypt at the time of the Month of Abib.

Hope that one answers what you seek.

Then 2 photos from this past week of the NW Negev. Please note these. The first is of wheat which is being allowed to grow until it is machine harvested for flour. This wheat here is very aviv and as is the case throughout the region was in the ground in October alongside the barley which received the early rains. They both have the same exact Zadok growing scale applied to them. That is a simple fact. We have shown you fields of barley and wheat just like it from our personal inspections this past week.

Next is a photo of a location familiar to many of you. You can go back in the archived posts for this year and see it after it germinated. Note it is entering the dough stage. It was not planted until the end of November due to the massacre of innocents that took place near it as all operations were suspended. Even with that look at how it is now catching up with those that germinated in October. That is what happens to all grain when the Month of Abib is present in the Land. Everything speeds up as we have documented in our inspections for decades now.

Then all the new life. And yes after the pattern, there are domestic and wild examples of the timing of this month in the Abib Growing Cycle. We follow them all.

The white storks are filling the skies crying out their witness to the Month of Abib for all to see.

And last but not least. Here is a look at the weather forecast for Jerusalem for the days of the Feast of UB. Please look closely and contemplate on this simple fact. This is the most spectacularly beautiful weather in many years during the festivals of the first month of the year in Jerusalem. Father is in control of such things which He uses to clearly assist us in our decision making.

In the 80's on Thursday. That equates to 90's plus down in the grain growing plains of the NW Negev which is already bursting with aviv domestic and wild barley and wheat.

We hope that will help you guys who are asking. Again there is little else we can do except expose falsehoods by others who have attached themselves to this wonderful watershed doctrine here at the end of the age. But if you do not have eyes to see through those things maybe at a later time.

PS: I forgot the Jerusalem weather photo when first posted. Its there now! And yes spelt is an early form of wheat. It has the same growth cycle time but is different in individual stages in that cycle. Some of you guys know your spelt, glad to be of service.

Happy Passover and Feast of UB.

Our peace we give to you!


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