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Sunday September 17, 2023

A wonderful Feast of Trumpets to you All!

All the suspense and drama the past two months surrounding the sighting of the New Moon from Jerusalem is now over for the time being. As we have demonstrated over and over again it is not necessary for you all have the tools at your disposal to understand with great certainty whether a crescent will be seen or not. Only on the rarest of occasions will you need to dig deeper.

We will be supplying you all with a chart to do so from wherever you are located in relation to visibility in Jerusalem in the near future. Michelle is working on it.

There are lots of people who report from Israel now, so when you are watching what they say use these tools we have posted about to examine their posts on it. Most of the time they are correct, but at times they allow other things to come between them being diligent in examining witnesses or in another shortcoming.

I did see my old friend Nehemia was in Israel taking things into his own hands for the first time in years. I remember the first time we were sighting the New Moon together in Jerusalem over 2 decades ago. A lot of water has run under the bridge since then.

I have been wanting to address two subjects which lots of folks have been asking about. The first is whether the New moon day is a holy day. That answer is attached to this Post (if I did it right). The second is about what we blow on a Holy day and over sacrifices, etc. Is it a shofar or a silver trumpet. Many will be surprised at where and when the shofar was inserted to do so and by who.

Our peace we give to you.

Is the New Moon Day a Sabbath
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