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Thursday February 1, 2024: Take 2

Good Morning Folks,

The week is moving along quickly as is the end of the 11th Biblical Month.

As is normally the case this time in the growing cycle there are way more photos of the Land in all of its witness to the timing of the year that we don't have time, or for that matter probably space, to list them here.

Hermon is stealing the show these days as the saying goes so we will lead off with her.

Then just a few pictures of waters running to the Sea of Galilee. They always find a way. It is approaching its upper red line very quickly with all the early rains this winter.

Then we have two different views over the Sea of Galilee. One from the Golan of Tiberius, and the other of the promise from Yehovah of it.

And then some wonderful examples of the mindset of our Elohim shown in the intricate and delicate beauty of Their creation.

Then we have several pictures from around the Land. Everything is as it should be for a normal 12 month lunar year which we are presently in the 11th month of. We will see if Father keeps that in place or not.

For you goat grass fans the first one of the four has a small patch just out of the head to the left.

Our peace we give to you!


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