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Thursday February 22, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

Here is another opportunity to assist new comers to the witnesses of the second half of the 12th month in the Land. Often folks mistake cranes for white storks. These birds here are cranes which winter in the North of the Land is great numbers. Some start their flight north from Agamon on their own. For those still hanging around for the daily feedings by the Refuge personnel they get a shock to start on their way when the feeding stops. That will happen very soon. The refuge does that so there is lots of room for the incoming white storks which are their big money maker.

People come in from all over the world to be able to watch the vast numbers (10's of thousands) of the white storks migrate through this choke point on their journey north from Africa. For those of you who have witnessed these amazing birds placed in creation to assist us with the timing of the year you understand why people would spend lots of money to see them.

To witness thousands spinning in harmony in their great spires lifting up in the heavens as they ride the thermals and their echoing squawking proclaiming they are here is truly a blessing to see.

Soon we will be able to post real time photos of them in their majestic witness. In the meantime we can settle for the clumsy and awkward antics cranes.

Our peace we give to you.


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