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Thursday January 25, 2024

Hi Folks,

We are being told that winter is over and the Month of Abib will be starting February 11 after sunset.

Someone needs to tell Father and, oh yes, the IMS forecasters.

This Abib Growing Cycle is going to be interesting watching the herd run off the cliff and into the Sea of Galilee.

The Land is still in the depths of winter with the coldest stretch upcoming.

Our peace we give to you!

Tonight and tomorrow it will rain with strong winds from the north to the north of the Negev. Afraid of flooding, and flooding at the coast.
Saturday will still be rainy, but during the day the rains will weaken and decrease gradually.
On Rishon it rains occasionally from north to north of the Negev.
Towards the middle of the week, the rains will intensify and it will become colder. There is a chance that snow will only be on the higher peaks, but we need to follow and get updated.
Peaceful Sabbath


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