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Thursday March 2, 2023

A happy Thursday to all!

Today will be our last day posting photo's of grain. You have more than enough to understand their witness to the change of the year this coming new moon. We will now move on to the other cluster of Biblical witnesses which proclaim the decision of our Elohim to the start of the new year. They are all very important to the process so we are not deceived by someone wanting you to pay them for their information.

The folks at Agamon Hula are reporting their first 18 white storks of this migration cycle. These are not migrators into Israel but most likely some of the birds which wintered over at the dumps near Jericho a 4 hour drive south of them. None of the birding sites which follow the white storks with a passion are reporting any NEW arrivals into the Land. Remember to follow the money in all of these things. The Hula folks get their busiest time of year, thus lots of cash, when the storks start arriving. We have demonstrated this in the past.

However, we are only a few days away from the white storks traditional arrival time. You can note it on the March Calendar from yesterday. That is when the big flights are in play. They are truly an awesome sight to see and here when in the Land. No mistaking their proclaiming the change from winter to summer as their huge funnels soar overhead with thundering squawking.

But for today we will show you the pictures and you write in your own description of what you are seeing.

The first is from yesterday. There are many deceivers running to and fro at the end of the age. Then we have 4 very clear pictures of domestic grain which Pierre sent over from his travels yesterday in Netanya. Who can write up a narrative to share with others who do not have the skills to do so yet? It is one of our responsibilities in the Body until they can stand on their own two feet. Send it to the email address on the site here. If you send as a request to post do so with a preview for we do not open any that do not come over in that way we just delete them.

We hope your week is coming to a good close. Looking forward to preparation day tomorrow.

Our peace we give to you.


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