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Thursday March 23, 2023

Summary Abib Inspections for 2023

Once again, we are adding another year of inspections to our archives for your current and future use. This will include all the reporting on the meteorological conditions from the end of November of 2022 up to the start of the New Year which takes place starting Thursday March 23rd at sunset thus making Friday the 24th new moon day, New Year’s day, and the start to the Month of Abib. That is for those who are keeping a crescent in Israel sighting. I do believe some of you have started the New Year yesterday.

We are hoping that as you followed along through the past 5 months that you have become aware of the remarkable patterns of understanding in the Abib Growing Cycle if in fact you were not already versed in them. That is the goal of our efforts here. To become independent of frauds: grifters and non-believers who want to take your money from you and the crown (knowingly or unknowingly) which is being kept safe for you in the 3rd heaven, the throne room of our Elohim.

As we have mentioned on several occasions, we had narrowed down the two most mature locations to find aviv barley growing before we stepped foot on an airplane to travel to the Land. We zeroed in on them the first day and the second day of reconnaissance of both. Unfortunately, the first day was full of pelting rain but even with that we located some very promising fields from afar. However, on the second day we had many very good representative locations of tilled ground with acceptable wild barley, as well as domestic.

It is really quite simple regardless of what the anti-Christs say. We have experience in all aspects of farming, and the spirit of Elohim guiding us; they have none of either. That’s not a slight just a simple fact. They are incapable of visually being able to identify aviv barley from afar. That is also why they promote the traditions of men instead of the commands of Elohim regardless of their findings.

John 4:35 Do you not say, there are still four months and then comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already lightening for harvest!

We can see this spiritual instruction illustrated through a physical ability of recognition associated with grain fields. We can do that from afar as we have proven time after time. But we need His spirit to do so and a lot of effort and time put in when half a world away. Some of my past associates in aviv searches who profess one or more of the sects of Judaism are capable of identifying what is aviv and what is not. That is not the issue. It is how it is applied which can take one in the Body off course. That is why you have to make your own decision based on evidences given. Once again not a slight, just a simple fact. There are just way too many virgins begging others to fill their oil for them.

Unfortunately, some others who have gone out from among us, immerse themselves in using much of what we have taught them to deceive unsuspecting and naïve brethren who do not have a solid foundation and an intimate relationship with our Savior Creator. With these destructive ones, it is all about the money and the adoration. Bad place to be. Your treasure does not reside there.

We have been asked to expose their real pasts by some of you. Did that once and that is it, the warning went out. It is not our function to attempt to remove them from their deceptive operations. That would be like our Elohim removing satan from his. Not going to happen until he has fulfilled his usefulness in testing the brethren. So why would we undertake something our Elohim does not at this time?

Biblical witness check list for the New Year to be proclaimed 2023: Nine out of ten confirmed.

Aviv Barley: Yes

Figs: Yes

White Storks: Yes

Swifts: Yes

Swallows: Yes

Turtle Doves: Yes

Grapes: Yes

Lambs: Yes

Strong rains gone: No, they were being used to clearly show winter was still in place.

You have the tools and the knowledge to continue into the year on your own if you actually desire to do so. You also have the record archives of us doing it before and after the declaration of the Month of Abib from past years.

May you have a wonderful festival season ahead and by all means bury yourselves in the meaning and blessings of these incredible rehearsals of spiritual realities.

Our peace we give to you!


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