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Thursday March 24, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

To those of you who have been participating in the abomination of the year starting in this current lunar cycle, Father is showing you His disapproval in a very simple and visual way. The entirety of this week of your Passover/UB has been a very wet, windy and cold washout. Yet some of you arrogantly say it has no relevance to anything and continue to follow the ways of the queen of the north.

You condemn me for speaking up about your abominable decisions and acts. You do not understand my simple function in this. The simplicity is this: whether you like to hear it or not you are without excuse now. The evidence is all against your folly of changing times and seasons. What we have all been witnessing this past week of your fake festival and start of your fictitious harvest is the decision making process of Father and Christ/Messiah. They have mocked you in every little detail of your observance. They will continue to do so right up through this Sabbath. Then they will move on for Their witness has been given in this judgment and will prepare the Land for the change from winter to summer with this new moon coming up being the start to Their Biblical Year.

Please keep in mind that you are still being left with the decision to correct your error and follow the decision of our Elohim. Do not let pride stand in the way in doing what is right and good. We will continue posting the record of this obvious decision up through this Sabbath. Later today we will also post the rain totals from around the country for the record.

Our peace we give to you.


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