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Thursday March 7, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

We hope your learning curve associated with the Abib Growing Cycle has in itself grown during this reporting cycle. I know that to be the case for some based on communications. Do not let anyone come between you and your First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf who also is the Lamb of Fathers Household.

This has possibly been the most balanced year we have witnessed to in the Land. By balanced I simply mean it is a toss up between three different grain growing regions this year for the crown of the first of the firstfruits.

There are multiple fields in each location which will be aviv by the start of the upcoming new moon of March 11. Keep in mind that is aviv based on the minimum qualifying criteria found in Leviticus 2:14.

The evidence presented is overwhelming to a rational mind led by the spirit of our Elohim. All the grain; both barley and wheat that was in the ground in early October was blessed from above with early rain events to initiate germination and the growing process as depicted in Zadoks Code. The beautiful thing about the harmony of the early fields is they are being followed closely behind by a lot more grain in stages 5-7.

We are right on schedule for the remainder of the 10 Biblical witnesses to speak out prior to Passover as well. We will address them later today in a summation of this cycle to date and that will be it for the reporting unless something comes up that needs to be answered. No doubt that will be the case as the minions of the adversary look for any opening to drive doubt into believers.

For now, let’s start by looking at a few pictures John sent over yesterday. Maybe later today we will look at some of the videos for a work session in identifying components in a field. That can be fun as well as educational.

The first photo is one we can have a lot of fun with. It is hosting four different "grains". There is barley, wheat, wild barley and of course the ever present tares who are front an center as well as scattered throughout. It becomes obvious when looking at the sweeping camera view. By the way this location is at the southern junction of the Jezreel and Jordan Valleys east of the Megiddo ridge where Yifat showed us all the fields of two row barley which will also be ready by months end for a Lev 2:14 qualifying grain offering. After that they sit and wait and mature further in the field until the harvest starts on Wavesheaf day.

Then we have two samples of heads of grain from locations John looked at yesterday. In the first you see kernels which are aviv. If allowed to dry in the sun for a couple of days or slow roasted (not cooked) over heat the same result would be accomplished. They could then be ground into flower. The second sample is a little younger but is on the verge of following suit after the first sample.

Knowing the value many place in the witness of acceptable wild barley growing in an agricultural field John sent over 3 nice examples of that. This wild barley is not aviv yet but will be in a few days. In the video we will see the wind thrashing it all about without it shattering. Wild barley will shatter as soon as it hits 8.3 on Zadoks code of growth stages. By the way this is not a clump but a good representation.

Following, we have 3 photos from Lorrie yesterday located by her house in the NW Negev. The first is domestic grain in stage 5+. Then a shot of wild barley. And once again the ever present tares growing in the domestic field. So Biblical in perspective.

And of course the vineyards are still in their winter sleep. But very soon they will awaken. Once again, look to your copy of a Typical March to see the approximate date.

We are still awaiting the swallows, swifts, figs and grapes to give their witness. All 10 of the Biblical witnesses we have been given in creation in the Promised Land are designed to be seen prior to Passover. That is a simple fact. If you are told you can keep Passover and UB before they give their witness you are being deceived. All of them know and keep their appointed times in creation each and every year.

Our peace we give to you.


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