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Thursday March 7, 2024: Take 2

Hi again folks,

Some have asked to see photos of farms harvesting wheat and barley as it enters the dough stage for dairy cow consumption. Here are some from one location this week in the NW Negev.

As we have discussed all the domestic barley and wheat is planted in modern day Israel in October through December depending on the location. By that, it is meant when the rains stop first for they do not waste their water allowances on grain predominantly being used as silage or hay.

Thus there is no "spring wheat" cycle in the Land as there was with ancient Israelite. So do not let the grifters, hucksters, and minions of the evil one cloud your thinking on such things. First, there is the barley harvest of the humble grain and then the harvest of the wheat in scripture. We only have the spiritual reality of the wheat cycle starting at Pentecost with the First of the Firstfruits of wheat wavesheaf offering that day to look to. And then there is no duration listed for it like there is for the early harvest of barley which is of the Body of Christ our First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering of barley.

Pretty simple stuff if we follow the spiritual reality of a physical function.

We can put up all the scriptures to it if you like but most who are founded in the Abib Calendar already know them.

There will be more posts today seeing how this will be our summation day prior to the Month of Abib commencing next Monday night after sunset. Unless Father intervenes at the meteorological level. Immediately after that we will have the hottest weather to date this Abib Growing Cycle.

Fair notice as well. I have been challenged to give a Biblical account of why I give people names that are not deemed nice. It will be along after a few projects of the day are out of the way and then a summation.

Our peace we give to you.


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