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Thursday March 9, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

We are hoping the week is going as you have planned and that you are looking forward to Preparation Day tomorrow with the knowledge it is the transition day to our Holy Sabbath rest in our Lord of the Sabbath.

It is sad to hear that some have been willingly dubbed into keeping a fake pass-over on March 6 following a goat grass representation of Christ/Messiah with the expectation of a Feast of Pentecost in April. That is all so far out of phase with the Abib Calendar it is only attributable to strong delusion at the end of the age.

But as we know there will be a separating here during this time frame.

The colors of the Land during the Passover of Yehovah are not completely green, yellow (wild mustard and flowers), and red from the North to the South. Those are the combined colors of the 12th month and the later half of the second part of winter there. Here are the colors as of today in pictures below.

The last photo is of one location which is traditionally early for goat grass, oats, wild barley and of course flowering weeds. The oats have commenced their bowing to our Elohim, the goat grass is still flowering, etc. These are not the colors of Passover dear Brethren.

Here we are on the 9th of March. One more day until the traditional big White Stork Migrations start. A spattering of sightings as of today with also a spattering of sightings of swifts and swallows (the migrating species). Can't have Passover without these witness'. We read that in scripture as we have recorded often in the past and also in actuality by following the timing of their arrivals year after year.

But we can only do our best to provide the information necessary for you to evaluate the times and the seasons of the Abib Calendar Cycle.

By the way I am once again being accused of calling people names. That in itself describes one disconnected from our Lord and Savior for He so very often called/named the religious leaders of a false religion which had its father as satan the devil, names describing who they really represented by their actions. It would take pages for me to write them out here. But all should know we too are to name these folks for what they truly are just like He did.

Follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

Our peace we give to you.


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