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Tuesday February 20, 2024

Good Morning Abib Calendar Crusaders!

We hope you are being blessed in your one on one relationship with Christ/Messiah and Father.

The heavy early rains in the Land are going to be taking a break for a while. Father has something else in mind. I love it! Be still and witness the power of our Elohim!

We are transitioning today into an extended period of heat and sunshine in many of the agricultural areas around the country. Within a week we will be witnessing the traditionally early areas reach through the Zadok code stages of 6 and well into 7 in much of them.

But for today we will be seeing the witnesses of the 12th Biblical Month from the North to the South.

The early rains and snows this Abib Growing Cycle have been what the Land has needed after a brutal summer with meteorological conditions all over the place. Everything is recharged now for the other Biblical witnesses to herald in the change to come from winter to summer at the end of this 12th Biblical Month.

We hope you are growing in the the favor and acceptance of these understandings. They are a wonderful gift to us here at the end of the age. Unfortunately they are not for everyone but that day will come.

Our peace we give to you!


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