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Tuesday February 6, 2024: Take 3

Me Again,

My brain said go back and put up a winter post.

There is water everywhere except the South. This is a real Israeli winter going on the past month. Rain defines winter in the Land. The early rains that is. Remember there are three types of Biblical rain: early, latter, and out of season. The first two are usually blessings, the last is never a blessing.

You guys who have been scanning the internet know all too well how much fog has been covering large portions of the Land during this extended rain event.

Be mindful how so much rain effects the grain growing cycle. Two thirds of the country is as green as it can ever get. The grain crops are growing big and strong. In many fields you can't see defining rows because of all the tiller growth in 2 of the 3 major grain growing regions.

For you guys who need to have a Leviticus 2:14 qualifying wavesheaf by the end of the upcoming 12th month pray for sunshine. Days upon days of it. The growing degree days need to quicken the pace for it to happen.

We will keep you posted on such things.

Our peace we give to you!


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