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Tuesday January 2, 2023

Hi Folks,

We have a number of photos today which folks have looked at incorrectly and misrepresented what they are. In doing so they are placing them 2 months later than the actual situation. This is a common occurrence with some folks trying to push an agenda rather than looking and listening what is being presented.

Drink in the stunning beauty of the first half of winter in the Land. And no, this is not wild mustard growing under the trees. Zoom in and take a close look. Keep alert to such things.

Before I forget. Only one of you ventured a guess at the question about the Zadok stage of the domestic grain from yesterday (Matt). It is in the advanced stages of tillering (late 2's) and the first two stages of 3. That is the effect of all the water. Big growth young age.

Next we have some beautiful pictures from Patsy. These gems grow in the Negev and Jordan Valley.

Our peace we give to you.


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