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Tuesday March 14, 2023

Hi Folks,

We are hoping things are well with you all. After several delayed planes and one thankfully waiting for some of us to board we have made it back to the Land for another Abib growing cycle worth of inspections.

The weather prophets were right on with their forecast for today in the Land. The first image is us driving up Route 1 from the airport to our lodging for the next few weeks. My gramma would say it is raining cats and dogs. Car was hydroplaning at times. Lightning and thunder and lots of ditches overflowing.

For those of you who do not know this sign well, its called winter in the Land. That is how winter is defined here. Rain, hard rain.

The second picture is at Shoresh with just one of many locations which can not handle the amount of rain today. We could have taken many more but we do believe this covers the point about heavy rain and winter. And yes, it is not over, will continue in the north and central tomorrow.

Good thing we will be hitting all of our traditionally early barley locations in the south tomorrow eh! We are anticipating seeing one or two of our early vineyards starting to bud and leaf out. Hoping so since every single one of them driving from the flat land plains up through the Judean Hills were barren. In fact the oldest one right down by Route 40 has not even been pruned yet.

Thats why we don't try to deceive anyone by using vines in a backyard micro-environment type green house to promote a false narrative as to the timing of the year.

We did drive up to several of our now famous early fig trees that many of you are used to seeing. Raining too hard to get out for pictures but we will get them sooner or later. These trees are still just showing their second half of winter green tips. But that can change overnight as many of you have witnessed over the years.

Hoping to get some footage of migrating White Storks tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Will see if we can rustle up some Eurasian Doves this afternoon seeking out falafel's. If the rain stops for a bit that is.

If there is anything you would like us to address out of the norm while we are here let us know and we will try. Remember the contact rules they are at the top of this page. Some of you are probably wondering why we keep repeating that? Simple, we get many people trying to post to a non posting sight and thus we have no clue what is on their mind.

One more thing. Random fields of winter wheat are turning color at this time just like they have for 4-5 years in the past 23. Patterns brethren, they are our lifeline to the truth of anything. Thankfully our Elohim have left us a detailed record of them in the entirety of the holy scriptures.

And if anyone living here in Israel wants to tie up for some of the inspections let us know. We would love to have you.

Keep safe in our Lord and Savior.


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