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Tuesday March 22, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

It is sad to watch brethren being led astray by the queen of the north. As all the weather reporting services are concluding; this may be the coldest March in over 100 years in the Promised Land.

It is time to wake up and look around for those who are keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread as I write this. You are a month out of season.

Here is the Wednesday forecast from the IMS:

Wednesday 23/03 Country forecast: Occasional showers accompanied by isolated thunderstorms in northern and central Israel. Snow in Mt. Hermon and the northern mountain peaks. From midday the rain will weaken in central Israel. Unseasonably cold. Overnight the rain will re-intensify in central Israel In the northern and central and in the highest mountain peaks snow is expected.

This is not some dream you are walking through but the reality of what Father has decided for this year. It will not start until the crescent of early April. He is making it as plain as He can for you to correct your error.

Do you think our Elohim would have placed such weather related hardships on the Native Israelites keeping a feast before Him which was to be one of great rejoicing at Jerusalem?

And then there is the stark reality of His judgment on those who think He would. They have actually declared the harvest to have started.

Proverbs 26:1 As snow in summer, and rain in harvest, so honor is not right for a fool.

Don't shoot the messenger, for those are the words and judgment of our Elohim in this matter.

Please flee the queen of the north with her drug induced fake Levite, and her little Doppie court jester.

Our Peace we give to you!


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