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Tuesday March 26, 2024

Well done good and faithful servants!

Happy Feast of UB to you all. The second of 8 days of spiritual circumcision of the heart.

For your enjoyment of where we are in the Abib Calendar Cycle which is already so obvious, even to all of these photographers in the Land who are talking about the change of the seasons in their posts.

On Thursday we will get up some links for you. Make sure you have an Instagram account. That is where we will start first.

For now here are three photos from the same large fields but from different places in it from this morning.

Please note the awns have now entered the brown stage of color when they were yellow in photos of them from last week. Also zoom in on the heads. Yes, well into the dough stages and drying beautifully on the stalk. Just imagine if they were cut off from their water source and bundled in sheaves in the field. This big location consists of separate fields of both barley and wheat.

Now notice what we no longer see growing in them. Correct, no more wild barley towering above them. It has already shattered and fallen to the earth. The beauty of what following a location instructs us in over the course of its Abib Growing Cycle. What you see above them are some really tall domestic grain.

Then two more from the same grain growing area in the Center of the Country.

Now to the NW Negev.

The first one is of domestic barley planted in December. That was the case in this region because of the massacre of October. Even at that notice how rapidly it is advancing with the heat and sunshine it has been receiving. Note the field in the distance. That is a cut field for either silage or hay which we have been showing you guys for 3 weeks now. So we have not bothered with that part of the witness of late.

Then a cropped photo of a wheat field in the same area. It is being allowed to go to the grain harvest instead of cut for the dairy cows. As a reminder we do crop photos with people in them most of the time for privacy reasons. We hope you will do the same in the future.

Then let us not forget the wild barley locations in this region of grain growing. Notice it all around the photograph from yesterday. Everywhere in the picture it is aviv. Zoom in, dried out nice full heads.

We hope these very special 7 UB days of rejoicing are filled with peace and wonder from above.

Our peace we give to you!


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