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Tuesday March 5, 2024

Good Morning folks,

I was not going to post pictures today because I will be posting the history of the modern day Abib searches a little later.

However, Yifat put these up 7 hours ago from Megiddo on the high ridge area. John you are familiar with the general area so when you get time pay it a visit. Thanks.

This is barley surrounded by immature fields that were planted later than the October germinating rains. It is a testament to the strength of stature as to why the scriptures liken Christ to our First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering of barley.

The reason they are going up is because of all of the confusion the hucksters and their minions are causing to the Body this growing cycle. Some are backpedaling because of those evil deeds.

The main stalks with heads have entered the dough stages and the tillers are from flowering up to that stage as well.

Please open your eyes and look to our Savior the Christ/Messiah. He will never leave nor forsake you if you do!

Our peace we give to you!


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