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Wednesday April 12, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

We hope you are having a festival full of blessings wherever you may be scattered around the world. It certainly is here for us in Tennessee. I think for some of you it may be the atsereth of the 8 total days (Passover + 7 days of UB) today. Very special understandings associated with it.

As most of you know we have stopped posting updates to the Abib Growing Cycle this year as of Sunday. That is unless a very good teaching moment arises which is associated with it. Just such a one has arisen which is almost funny if not so sad for many who follow the queen of the north.

A little background first. I had sent a request out to the members of our fellowship asking them how they would respond to someone trying to use the rain event in the South starting Monday afternoon to suggest we and most others who follow the Biblical timing of the start to the Month of Abib have it wrong. Once again, we know the mindset very well of the “angels of light” who are simply minions of the adversary. Minions, because they follow a voice speaking to them in their heads, which is not Father Elohim by the way.

So here we are with the modern day Ruth following that pattern in her desire for notoriety and justification from all the evidences we have shown those who have heard her incorrect declarations.

First question in getting the setting correct before we get to the actions taken by Father this past 8 days. This year we had the queen of the north declaring the start of her month of Abib way back in February even though she procrastinated into what was her month by 11 or 12 days. She used completely unacceptable goat grass to do so. By the way we have always been able to find anemic goat grass meeting an untimely death in February. That’s in our records for many years back. Then we have the queen of the South declaring the month of Abib will not start until the upcoming new moon. Even though there is and was aviv barley all around the Land. You have seen all the evidences we have posted of it in layer after layer which she too has seen.

Thus, we have the queen of the North going a month early and the queen of the South going a month late. That is the setting so don’t lose sight of it. Father certainly hasn’t as I will explain. Second question. What is the number one criteria for starting the Biblical Month of Abib? Don’t laugh at such a simple question. It is aviv barley, correct? What kind of aviv barley? Unblemished aviv barley from agricultural maintained land which is to be used during the 7 days of UB as a most holy Wavesheaf Offering, the First of the Firstfruit Offering: Re’shiyth Bikkuwr. Just as the Lamb represents a function of our Savior, so too does the Aviv Barley. His two big roles which are done on our behalf.

The head of the months is so named after the physiologically mature barley. That is obviously important to Father who has two perfectly timed rebukes to both queens and their followers taking place during the past 8-10 days. Let’s start with the queen of the North.

As I mentioned above, she can’t contain herself as she listens to the voice in her head who she claims is father. Father yes, but the wrong one. So, she was convinced to once again create a straw man scenario in an effort to say our timing is wrong. In doing so she does not even comprehend what she is saying about hers but we will forgo that.

The straw man is stating a falsehood which her followers will not even try to verify. The falsehood is that some (meaning those who are keeping things different from her) state that it does not rain after the equinox or the equilux in Israel. For anyone to state such a thing is simply Biblical and Meteorological idiocy. The records clearly show that the Land receives events of torrential rainfall and even hail up into the month of May. And let’s not forget the records of snow in May as well on Hermon. The only thing more idiotic than actually making such a statement would be someone trying to use such a straw man phony scenario to make hay. (That’s a pun) Making hay would be her trying to gain notoriety and money from her followers with it.

For the record, I use the terms queen of the North and South because both think godliness is a means of monetary gain. If they dropped the desire to have your cash, I would drop the titles of queen.

The queen of the North was in a bad spot with all of our posts showing the clear decision of the past new moon to be the start of the Biblical Year. All one has to do is go back through the pages of our Facebook Page or website to see the overwhelming evidence. Let’s narrow that down to the past 8-10 days.

At the beginning of last week, the Land started experiencing a warm up which increased to a crescendo on this past Sunday which was Wavesheaf Day by which the month is determined. The temperatures and the drying winds increased in the week up through Friday night until they turned into the really first Sharav of this Abib Cycle. Yes, nearly 3 day’s worth after the other weather effects.

Just go back and review the amazing effects it had on the domestic barley and grain fields we have been following the entire cycle. They developed beautiful golden crowns of Abib glory. Those are simple facts, just look back to last Sunday alone. Last week was a complete rebuke to the queen of the North from Father. He shamed her declaration with all the Biblical witnesses in the Land being present the entire week which hosted the Passover, start to UB, and Wavesheaf Day. Her mentor is not happy about that and is trying to spin it into a fake and phony story of what actually was taking place at the direction of the Creator who as most know controls the weather for His determined outcomes and to rebuke those who go awry.

The Sharav event centered around Wavesheaf Sunday. Imagine that! Father expedited a lot of the grain growing in the Land to emphasis His decision that this lunar cycle is His Month of Abib. But He was not, and is not finished yet.

Monday morning the Sharav event broke and gave way to His second rebuke. This time it was to the queen of the South and her followers who have postponed until next month what they should have been doing this month. Listen to how perfect this all is to a mind that is led by the spirit of Elohim and actually has eyes to see as our Savior instructs us when speaking about the harvest. The area that was devastated by the torrential rains and hail damaged all the aviv crops that were in the South. That is a simple verification of the scriptures in Exodus. What an exclamation mark to the queen of the Souths proclamations! Did you notice she ignored the South in her second set of inspections? She knew what she would find there, so just ignore it, just like she did so many other locations we suggest she visit even giving directions to them. Father said okay watch this children. Yes, be still and watch the power of Elohim to set the record straight. It’s absolutely beautiful, heavenly signs sent not only as rebukes to the both queens for their decisions but also used as an acclamation of our faithful decision to keep this month as the Month of Abib and the start of all the wonderful moedim of our Elohim.

Unfortunately, most of their followers will not heed such truths. Lots of reasons for that but please remember this walk is not for everyone, for many are called and few are to be chosen. That is not a putdown but a simple Biblical truth.

Hopefully that has answered some who are very concerned with what both are doing. There have to be choices to be made for the witling down process to function. Thus, we have a good opportunity to instruct on another aspect of this Abib Cycle. Onward Christian Soldiers marching in this war.

On another note, there are some who are strongly asking that I address the errors of Mathew 23. There are two of them that go hand in hand to be specific. One is the use of the erroneous Protestant Translation of verses 2-3 which are used to say we are all to be subject to the Pharisees who today are simply the Rabbis of Judaism. It is so simple to correct it. Two simple Greek articles are translated incorrectly. We will see if we post such or not.

Once again, we will be answering questions if they come in through the prescribed methods, if not, we don’t even see them. Email or preview.

Oh yes, another Sharav is probably on its way shortly after Father is through.

Happy Festival and count to Pentecost.

Our peace we give to you.


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