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Wednesday April 6, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

We are hoping your preparation time for the upcoming Passover of the Lord is going well in spite of all the chaos and confusion in the world, and for that matter in the Body.

We are being informed that our keeping the start of the Month of Abib after sunset on April 3rd up through sunset on April 4th will enjoin us to only having a 28-day lunar month.

My initial thought, lovingly of course was: "you are a lunatic." But having had digested some of the Biblically insane comments floating around during this current growth cycle I actually had a change of heart. Some folks are just a little confused. Remember the pot we were all pulled out of? This is a 1 Peter 3:15 opportunity.

So, let’s look at the facts. Let’s play the numbers game which seems to be the new fad these days instead of actual observation. Please do not hold it against me, but I am a product of the Canadian education system. I am told it is one of the best in the world, but, those determinations may be coming from fellow countrymen.

My simple Canadian arithmetic tells me that there are actually 27 whole days in the month of April that are included in the counting of this first Month of Abib, in this Biblical Year from the 4th through the 30th of April.

We have those under our belt. Now we need to determine when the first visibility of the light of the new moon of the second month will be able to be seen in the Promised Land. As a side note, I like to look at that as the “Land of Promise” for everything was tied to it for Native Israel and will be again during the Millennium Rule.

So what happened to now?

Please remember it was a curse for Native Israel to be removed from it, but a promise they will be returned to it.

Our algorithm which we use tells me the first possibility of seeing the light of the new moon with the naked eye in the Jerusalem area will be after sunset on Tuesday May 2nd. That gives us 2 more full Biblical days to add to our 27 from April. Thus 27 + 2 = 29 full days before the next sighting in the Promised Land can take place.

So, we have a 29-day month we are looking at, not a 28-day month. I imagine if one likes to use alternate universe magic math, they can somehow come up with 28?

That would mean they are applying their common denominator of the spot they are existing in, and then imposing their magic math methodology to the method I use. The Biblical common denominator of the Promised Land is the one I use if you are not aware.

Some of the world west of Jerusalem next May 1st will be able to see a new moon crescent. It is an impossibility to do so with the naked eye that evening in the Promised Land. That would be my 28th day in this Biblical month’s count. So according to the numbers folks they will be able to declare the month starting before it does in the Land of Promise. Imagine that!

I am one of those less fortunate folks in life who are simple enough to believe what God/Elohim says to me in the written word. He tells me His focus is on the Promised Land from the very beginning of the year to the very end of the year in Deuteronomy 11:10-12.

We are also instructed He is the same yesterday (first marriage covenant), today (second marriage covenant) and forever (the kingdom). That is found in Hebrews 13:8 with the added warning in verse 9 “do not get carried away with motley (poikilos) and foreign (xenos) teachings.”

To a simpleton like me that tells me all of His statutes, judgments, and commands are derived from that focal point on earth unless He specifically has recorded otherwise. They are tied to the Land. For me to start the Sabbath, appointed time of meeting, or a month, before it starts in the Promised Land would not be right in my relationship with my Father and Savior Brother, my Elohim. I would be putting myself as the central focus of things and I do not believe that is to be the case. If you do, good luck with it.

But there again, He says He calls the weak and the base. I’m good with coming from that group, no delusions here, so I will continue to function along in my simpleton ways as He directs me by His very clearly visible signs in creation centered on, and in, the Land of His focus, His common denominator: the Promised Land.

And I will continue to use my Canadian arithmetic.

My peace I give to you!


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