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Wednesday December 28, 2022

Hi Folks,

We are hoping things are well with you all in your walk with our Elohim.

Here is the IMS summary of the rain (and snow and hail) event of the last few days. The really good news is the South, Northern Negev, and Coastal Plain have finally gotten the rains they need to soak the ground for the weeks ahead.

The Central and Northern regions got far less which is the balancing act that our Elohim do day in and day out. The South needed a kick start before the weather turns colder and the Central needs to slow down. You may remember the picture of the winter wheat on steroids. Too big for its britches for this time of year.

In the days ahead we will post some pictures of areas you are familiar with to look at the oats and wild barley in their early winter stages.

Once again we are in good hands. Father has everything under control to bring about His timing for the start of the next Biblical Year.

What a wonderful calling we have from Him. Yes, unto His Son.


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