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Wednesday February 14, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

Facebook is telling us this is our 4 year anniversary today. Imagine that. Four years on Facebook that is. Our websites have been up and running since 1996 as some of you old timers know. It has been quite the journey as well as learning process.

We have some informational photos for you today. A bit for all levels of experience. But first the winter flowers and blossoms of the 12th Biblical Month.

Then a good photo with anemones in it but of greater importance is how a field of grain matures. You old timers can just bear through it. Notice the higher elevations are more advanced in age than the lower sections. We have been instructing people on this since the beginning. It is important for a number of reasons.

As the moisture drains downhill slowly in good soils the plant will step up production of filling out the heads. It puts its energy into that process, thus the seeds add more starches and grow wider to match the length that comes first. The result of this is simple. The portion of this location on the hillside will be ready to harvest before the lower elevations. That is a good scenario for where they would start the harvest in ancient days. If it were to happen in the middle of a field there would be a problem for they would have to trample down the younger grain to get to the harvest ready grain.

Who can tell everybody how this situation was addressed by Native Israelites of long ago?

Now lets not forget the status of the pregnant sheep.

This last location of domestic is one we are watching closely. Notice the maturity level of it. It is at the end of stage 5 of Zadoks or just leaving it. The symmetry of the heads in this field is special to gaze upon. It is in the Upper Jordan Valley and is located 850 feet below sea level. That is very important. This fertile soil has received generous amounts of early rain this winter. The temperatures at this elevation below sea level tend to be warmer than areas higher than it as most can understand.

We are into a 6 day stretch of rains around various parts of the country. However, in this location it will have to be a very intense rainfall to make it to the ground. Light rainfall will evaporate before it makes it to this grain. By the way this location hosts domestic and wild grain. So add all these things up and evaluate them through what you have learned about the process of meteorological conditions added to Zadoks scale and what do you come up with?

How many days do you have left in this month? That is important to some of the brethren who want to have a Leviticus 2:14 minimum grain status by the end of the 12th Month. Apply the growing days left needed for this field to reach that state.

That's what a good farmer would do so he could prepare for a narrowed down time frame when he would be ready to start a harvest. Yes, he plans out that time because of the intensity of labor needed to accomplish it. That way he can have help ready at that time as well. This is all simple stuff guys.

It is difficult to listen to prognosticators who make a living off of so many people wanting to have calendar information presented to them who have no experience farming at all. What a hoot. In most cases they just repeat what we are saying and have said over the years. This process needs to become very personal to each and every one of us. Its not enough to just want someone to do it for us. That's what a babe does; feed me.

Get involved. Knowledge and understanding are combined to establish wisdom in decision making. It is a simple equation. If you have not started that yet please do. It will make Father and Christ very happy.

Our peace we give to you!


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