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Wednesday February 15, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

Once again we hope you are overcoming the pulls of this age. It can be a struggle for some. But you are not alone never forget that.

Today we have another good opportunity to speak about the contrast between the advanced winter wheat and the goat grass areas of wild barley.

The first 2 photos are of the upper Jordan Valley. The first one shows a lot of this wheat field out of the boot and in the flowering stages. Yet photo 2 is of wild barley growing very close to it. It is not even close to the head emerging from the boot.

Who can speak to the lesson in that? If you wish to then send it to the email address. Some continue to send requests to post even when they should be aware that does not happen on this Page. We have no clue what you are says for we do not open them. If you have something worthy of sharing and you send it through the proper method we then may post it. Be happy!

The following 3 photos from yesterday were taken in various locations in the NW Negev. Once again all goat grass candidates, but as you old timers know we have used them as indicators of the growing season and forecasters of what is to be expected for over 2 decades now.

They are all very young yet. But as we mentioned the other day the recent rains will help them grow from juvenile to adolescent stages in the weeks ahead.

If you zoom in on the last photo you can see wild oats with their pods starting to fill and thus their humble bow before their Creator.

That is the same characteristic of humility found in the wild and the domestic barley. However the winter wheat is devoid of it. It does not bow, but once its head is so fat with heavy seeds its stiff neck breaks so to speak.

Once again, an excellent year to learn about reading what the Land has to tell us about the decisions our Elohim have made as to the timing of the Biblical New Year.

Our peace we give to you!


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