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Wednesday February 21, 2024: Take 2

Good Morning once again,

A busy day with no sleep. Does that happen to you guys as well? Life is always presenting obstacles but we have what it takes to overcome them.

A promise of hope is just one of them.

Once again we have a good photo of what the effect of the morning and evening sun has on the heads of grain. At those angles it gives a mature look when in fact it is still very green. That is the illusion of a low sun shining through the awns (whiskers) of the grain.

There are blossoms blooming everywhere except in the extreme climate areas of the Land. Once again a standard sign and witness to the 12th month of a normal year.

And some standard bearer flowers of the same month.

The buzzards are picking up the pace with their migration up through the south.

We are still waiting on the first migrating white storks. Any time now for the first pioneers of this years flight. If we get a good south wind we will see some ride in on it. Small numbers to start but always an awaited event. Its kind of like seeing the first rays of the sunrise and knowing what is to follow.

Here is a photo of a lone local bird and a small group which visits the fish ponds of the Northern Jordan Valley. There are 3 wintering areas in the Land that a few hundred hang around at.

We are expecting some of the migrating Great white pelicans to also start arriving quickly. They are really fun to watch in flight with their heads sticking up high above their bodies to compensate for their big bills in flight. Aerodynamics given at creation from our Elohim.

Once again a reminder that we do not open requests to post so we have no idea what you are saying or asking. Emails always get to us so use the one at the top of our Page.

Our peace we give to you.


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