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Wednesday February 28, 2024

Hi Again Folks,

The flower watchers want more photos so they will get them today at the end of the other ones.

The weather is really good in the Land in most areas. Lots of high temps and sun ahead after a short recess with some rain in the South which is very much needed there.

Our first 2 photos from today are a good opportunity to point out what we look for from the 2 barley sisters. Actually a great learning moment for those new to this Abib Growing Cycle.

This is an area familiar to all the old timers of these postings. It was not planted to domestic grain in October like it usually is no doubt due to the October 7th massacres of farm families which took place close to it. It missed the rain events of that month as we recently mentioned. However the wild barley that thrives here in these exceptional soils was in the ground and did receive the early rains from heaven in October.

Look how much more mature this area of wild barley is than the domestic. Look at the size of the heads on them. Some will be more than 12 inches long when finished. That is a common sight when both domestic and wild are growing together in the same ground. However the point of these photos is simple. One received the early rains of October the other did not. These are the results you will see each and every time that happens. Germination happened with the wild at that time, but not with the domestic for it was not in the ground yet.

Now another good aspect to cover as it will be a dominant feature soon. In these next two photos from today you will see the field of domestic grain in the background of the tree which is the focus of the photo. Not to us though. The second photo is a zoom in of that section of the field. What you see are streaks of grain starting to change color. This is not sunlight causing an illusion nor is it wild mustard growing in it. This is how the process of change takes place in a field. Look at the more dominant streak and look further down to the left. It begins to diminish quickly until all is green. Once again that is how it takes place.


Because the slope of the field drops to the left. As we have done for years on the inspections with folks we now have the opportunity to point this out here in the photos. The moisture in a field dries up from the top of the field first and then graduates down the slope of the hill.

We caught this right at its beginning. Thank you Father for the opportunity here. Forgot to add that this location will be predominantly a yellow color in 10 days from now.

Then a few random photos of domestic grain in various stages of growth around the country.

And then some wanted a better look at the Black Storks migrating through at this time. They are a beautiful bird no doubt. There flight pattern is much different from the White Storks who will follow.

Blossoms are covering the hillsides as is to be expected in the 12th Biblical Month.

And now for you flower folks. Some amazing tributes to our Creators!

Our peace we give to you!


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