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Wednesday January 24, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

The warmth is returning to Tennessee but is working in reverse for Israel. The snow we have been anticipating for the end of the week in the Land looks like it may happen on the weekend. We will keep you posted.

Our Land based flower photographers have been busy this week. Here are 6 representative photo's to lead off.

Then, what it looks like after one of the downpours from the system currently moving across the Land.

Then a good photo full of instruction. We have a very healthy field of domestic grain and an adjoining hillside used for pasture and of course home to wild oats and wild barley or in our terms "goat grass." If you look at the flat area between the domestic planting and the hillside that is where you would be able to find an acceptable representative wild barley location, as well as mixed throughout the domestic field.

Now we have a location of domestic growing on the Jordan Valley floor just south of the Sea of Galilee. It is easy to get a good perspective of the age of this field. Notice the heavy leaf structure. That is due to a lot of "tillering" as a result of the good amounts of early rains it has received.

In the second picture you can get a height perspective. Look how tall the plants are already. Now zoom in and you will see there are no "heads" emerging. Imagine that. The reason is simple to anyone who understands the growing cycle mixed in with the meteorological conditions to date. Lots of rains, put off maturity regardless if it has been a degree or two warmer than normal at times.

This location which is way below see level is rejoicing in growing big and full and is putting off the juvenile maturity spurt until a week or so from now.

Some practice time now. Take this field and apply the arithmetic of the Zadok scale to it. Use the later part of stage 4 as a starting point. That will give you the approximate maturity date of it. Use 8.5 on the scale for your end date. Let's just pretend conditions will be perfect for this equation.

Some of you guys are asking about heads already appearing. As I mentioned to one of you in answering that, we have seen none so far from North to South. The only possibility to see such is from goat grass growing in rocky soils and being forced into early maturity, or from a location which is providing a "green house" effect. You old timers will remember the debates which went on about such locations back in the beginning of this endeavor of witnessing to the Abib Growing Cycle.

We hope you new folks can take up the task of using the two Zadok scales here on the Page to grow your understanding and experience of the Biblical patterns found in creation to determine the start of the Biblical Year.

If there are any other things you think you need let us know. But remember to use the email address.

Our peace we give to you.


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