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May 18, 2020: Locust swarms threaten Middle East, India, Africa amid COVID-19 outbreak

Hi again folks,


Some of you have been following the plague of locusts for the past year as it raised its ugly head in Africa, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Iran, and Western China. With all the rain this cycle once again it is doubling down in those areas and spreading far and wide.


Brethren in Kenya have been spared the effects of the ravaging clouds of locust to date so please keep them in your thoughts as well as brethren in many of the countries being focused on by this swarming plague.


These locus swarms have been many miles across this past year and are even getting bigger where they can cover entire regions devouring anything green and edible to them.


Once again the crops are under attach and the food chain being disrupted. That is destroying the livelihoods of many whose existence depends on producing crops.


May 18, 2020: Historic heatwave to continue to roast Israel

Hi Folks,


Here is a followup to the brutal heat wave in Israel. Lots of firsts this past year in the Land and around the world.


These are not anomalies. Keep watching and keep track of them and their effects on the agricultural seasons in the Land.


May 15, 2020

Happy Prep Day!

Here is some very good information about patterns in Israel. Every 10-12 years there are significant rain events in the Land. That is the case because of the 11 year solar cycle of the sun. We are currently into the deepest solar minimum ever recorded. Thus Israel has had 2 very wet years with this past one being exceptional.

The weather has been very good for grain harvesting in many parts of the country as it should be coming off of an intercalated year. However that is about to change abruptly this coming week with a prolonged hot period of time. Many areas of the country will be experiencing temperatures over 100 degrees for sustained periods.

Patterns and equations are in everything Biblical in creation.

We hope your count to Pentecost is going well and that you are being blessed while the world is engulfed in chaos around us.

Happy upcoming Sabbath!


May 8, 2020: Hamat Gader in the Yarmouk Valley, Israel

Hi Folks,


We hope your count to Pentecost is going well and you are being blessed during these times of chaos and confusion abounding in societies all over the earth. Here is a picture taken May 5 near Hamat Gader in the Yarmouk Valley Israel. A beautiful contrast of an angry sky with wild barley and oats declaring their maturity to it. The grain crops are in full harvest just as they are supposed to be. However, the North of the country has been cursed with rain and hail during the harvest of the grain. Lots to ponder and be thankful for. Keep safe in the bosom of the Lord/Yehovah and Father.

Happy Festival of Unleavened Bread brethren!

What an awesome privilege to have followed Christ/Messiah through His example of washing each others feet (after sunset Tuesday) so we have a defined part in His body. Once again washed clean of the sins we had stepped in and tripped over during the previous year. And then to internalize the symbols He gave us of His broken body which He endured on our behalf and then the wine, symbolic of His shed blood, the symbol of the New Marriage Covenant.

Now for these 7 days following, we are able to rehearse remaining sin free through our Lord and Savior/Husband, the Unleavened Bread of Life from Heaven!

Through His combined unselfish actions He is truly our Tree of Life! Thank you Father for drawing us unto your Son!!! Please give us the strength to finish our journey.

Happy Festival Season. Please click the date above to get our thoughts and hopes for the season.

We have prepared a New Year gift for you. Click the title above and it will take you to our article on how to determine the change of the year in Israel when not in the Land. It is 24 years of accumulated patterns and cycles observed in creation and used by the Elohim to witness to us about the change from winter to summer.

Our peace we give to you.

March 23, 2020: Stay Focused and be Happy!

Dear Brethren,

We are almost upon the happiest time of the the yearly cycle approaching us. It is a time of incredible rejoicing as we prepare for the annual rehearsals depicting the selfless sacrifice for His creation and His being beaten and winnowed on our behalf.

And then there is the footwashing before the Passover symbols. Just think, once again He is offering to wash us clean from what we have stumbled in this past year. However, we must prepare for that wonderful opportunity to be washed clean again just as we were at baptism. And then we can participate once again in internalizing His body and blood of the New Covenant.

We have all made a great effort to prepare a table full of good food for the widow, the orphan, and the stranger to dine on in peace and to defend them at the door. As was mentioned in the fellowship meeting this past Sabbath, its time to move on. The battle is over for another year and now we should be preparing and examining ourselves once again in earnest.

Our adversary will do everything he is allowed to do to keep us from that focus. He drives his continually dripping faucets to keep dripping out nonsense to draw you in. Your plumbing skills are useless against such a defect for it is spiritual. Common sense and biblical truth are not tools which can be applied to such. Proverbs address the situation so very clearly.

Please keep in mind, just as David had his Shimei assigned to him, we too have ours. He did not engage the fool but let him rant on. That is where we are now in the war with the adversary. We too need to redirect our focus to what is at hand.


In doing so, be happy!!!

All the reports for the 2020 Abib inspections have been archived in the list below with all the other previous inspection years.

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