Abib Reports

Friday November 19, 2021


Hope you all have a good preparation day.

Looks like the Land is, and will be getting, more needed rain. The weathermen are still not sure how much to expect because of the variety of upper atmosphere conditions developing in the region.

The Negev needs the rain more than any other location that produces grain in Israel.

Once again we wait on the Elohim to show us their intentions with their accompanying patterns for us to follow.

Hope the upcoming Sabbath rest is one of peace and wonder for all.

Wednesday November 17, 2021


Hi Folks,


We are hoping all are well and being blessed in their walk to the Kingdom. There has been a lot of concern in Israel's farming communities about the lack of rain so far this season. That may be coming to an end shortly with some weather reporting agencies suggesting the winter rains will commence.


We will keep an eye open and keep you updated on the patterns for this rain cycle. Keep in mind December is the critical rain month for germination of the grain crop. That usually means there needs to be several substantial rain events in the second half of November to have a normal Abib Calendar cycle.


Patterns in creation are wonderful tools for us to watch the power and the mindset of the Elohim as to their intent for the start of another Biblical Year.

Sabbath, November 6, 2021


Good morning and Happy Sabbath to all!


We hope you are all doing well and overcoming the pulls and pushes of this present age.


Here is the IMS report for October weather data in Israel. It shows us that there were a few rain events in the Land during the month but nothing of any significance. In fact if you follow this link it will show you the accumulated rainfall since August and you can clearly see it is well under the average for the past 30 years.

The temperatures began to rise beyond seasonal values for the last one third of the month. Simply put, instead of becoming cooler, it got warmer. If this trend continues for another month as it has in some past years it may be pushing the barley cycle out into 2022 a month further. Of course, there is a lot of time to see if this will be sustained by the Elohim.


It is always fun and educational to follow the patterns in creation and especially as they pertain to the Abib Calendar as seen in the Land of Israel.

Friday October 29, 2021


Happy Preparation Day to All!


The skies in the land of Israel are filled with hundreds of species of birds migrating south for the upcoming winter season. Such a magnificent witness in creation to the will of the Elohim. If we could only be so perfectly true to our calling.


Many fields have been turned and prepared for seed to go in, just waiting for a little more moisture in the soil.

May you all have a wonderfully peaceful Sabbath rest ahead.


Keep safe in our Lord and Savior.

Tuesday October 19, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


We hope you are all doing well and holding fast through these bizarre times of confusion and chaos.


Some of you folks have been following the sporadic rainfall in Israel the past few weeks as it is unusual in its consistency during the month of October to many. We have included yesterdays rain totals for you to look at if you have not already done so.

Some may ask why is this important?


For several reasons. If this was just a one time event it would register as nothing really notable. However, it has been a recurring event in some locations in the north and even in the central areas of the Land. That has established a pattern for this time of year in the annual cycle. That is not the norm in some years but always is during the 8th month in the Abib Calendar cycle.


A result of this happening is that grain farmers may plant their crops a little earlier than normal. If this weather trend were to continue we would see crops germinating earlier as well. But, that in itself does not mean a normal Biblical year ahead for as critical as germination time of the grain crops is, it is more important to be watching what weather events hit in the month of February. In multiple years in the past we have witnesses grain growing rapidly through the end of January only to see that rapid growth halted by extremely cold weather and corresponding events in February throughout the Land of Israel.


So, we are to be diligent in keeping track of such things so we are not caught unawares.


Now to why are these simple rain events happening during October. The answer is also simple if we believe what is recorded in the Bible about this time of year and where it falls during the Abib Calendar timeline cycle.

In Acts the 27th chapter we have an account of Paul's journey to Rome commencing. In verse 9 we can read that Paul warned them not to continue sailing at that time of year because of the dangerous conditions which took place each and every year after the Day of Atonement/The Fast. A pattern known to anyone who was familiar with sailing in the eastern portion of the Mediterranean Sea.


In verse 14 these winds are given the name Euroclydon or Euraquilon. Please use your internet to look into their consistency from year to year. You will find that they normally start a few weeks after we keep the Day of Atonement. This is a pattern folks.


These winds are called Northeasters due to how they enter the region of the eastern Mediterranean. If you have a map of that area you will see an open area of sea between Greece and Turkey. That functions as a trough for the winds to race down and increase in intensity. On the map you will see an Island located in the open area of the sea. That is Crete. The scriptural account mentions it but only addresses the name of the south facing harbor to winter in.


If you go to windy.com you will be able to see winds blowing all over the earth in real time. Here you will see these winds set up and how they travel. The left arm of this wind splits at Crete rushing towards Asia Minor and the Land of Israel. If you look at them today you will see them hitting the entire length of the coast of Israel which has happened often the past several weeks.


This is the reason why they have been experiencing rain events the past few weeks. That is why they will be having unusual cooler weather in Jerusalem again tonight. The winds coming from the North West of Europe and Russia called the Euroclydon are always on time with the Biblical Calendar not the Gregorian Calendar. They are once again another Biblical proof, as well as a witness in creation, that we have kept this years cycle in sync with that of the Elohim.


There are so many witnesses in creation for us to see the timing of the Biblical Year that we are without excuse.


So please stay alert to them and please learn about them for they are an acclimation and a reassurance to our faith. In this case the pattern is simple and flawless. Each and every year these winds return with their dangerous sailing conditions and the weather events they bring to the Land, after the Day of Atonement, which Paul here calls: The Fast


So, yes dear brothers and sister, we did keep the Day of Atonement/The Fast at its correct time in the seventh month of the Abib Calendar.


Thank you for loving Father and Son!

Sabbath October 16, 2021


Good morning Folks and happy Sabbath to you all.


Please enjoy the experience of the Cranes returning from Europe now in great numbers. Within the next 1-2 weeks there will be an additional 30 to 40 thousand of them dropping from the skies as they are already in route from their summer nesting grounds to their winter feeding grounds in Northern Israel.


However, there are many more which will fly further south to Africa. Their pattern never fails. Once again they are right on time with the Abib Calendar.


Many more migrating species are also passing through the land as well. The reason is simple as we have addressed often in the past. In the Northern Hemisphere as the summer light diminishes a chemical reaction takes place in their brains which compels them to start flying south. The same thing happens as winter comes to an end and they fly north. This is what we call instinct. It is a process the Elohim have set in Their creation as one of the witnesses as to their desire to prepare to change the "season" from either winter to summer or summer to winter.


There are 9 more witnesses in creation which we use to herald in the start of the new year in either March or April in the Gregorian Calendar. We hope you become an active part in observing these magnificent patterns placed their for us to use in knowing when Father and Son want Their New Year to commence and thus the actual days They have declared for us to meet with Them.


If you come across any good evidences of the summer going out and winter coming in please let us know. Time is running short for them. Our contact information is listed on this Facebook Page and on the website. This is all practice in patterns for the Abib Calendar understanding we have and are willing to share with any and all.

Please keep safe in an ever increasing evil age.

Tuesday October 5, 2021


Good Morning Folks,


Here is a solar cycle update for your records. After experiencing the longest lasting minima cycle recorded ending near the start of this year it appears we are headed into a very aggressive 11 year sun cycle ahead.


For you old timers you will remember the relationship between the cycles highs and lows and grain production around the earth. We identified this pattern many years ago with the wild barley and it was confirmed a year or two later by researchers at Haifa University in their study of wheat crops and prices as they were affected by the solar cycle.


This is obviously an interesting development in regard to the next few years grain production. We will be keeping an eye on how many sunspots develop during the months of December and January and thus their effect on the grain growing cycle. Part of the pattern is that a lot of sunspots affect an earlier timing of the grain crop. So let's have some fun this cycle counting the frequency of them in the months ahead.


As per the attached article they are way ahead of the pattern for just coming out of a minima cycle. Some of you have the link to the cycle website but if you do not it is at the bottom of the file below.


Monday October 4, 2021


Hi Folks,

We are hoping things are well with you all and that you have prepped during the festivals for the long haul ahead until the start of the next Biblical Year.

If you have not yet seen the IMS summation for this years weather highlights to date here is a copy for you to review. Lots of interesting facts and supporting data for some of the weather patterns.

Thursday September 30, 2021


Hi Folks,


We hope you have been blessed with the keeping of the festivals of the 7th month. For many of us today is the annual rehearsal of the 8th day or as many refer to it the last great day.


With the rehearsals of this Biblical Year closing out it is time to make note of the next cycle in creation setting up. As we have addressed often in the past their are witnesses lodged into the annual migration cycle in the Land. With only having two divisions of the year in Israel (as we are instructed in Genesis 8:22) winter and summer it is our responsibility to recognize the short transition period between them so we are not caught unawares to the actual change. We apply the same criteria in the witness of the bird migrations in the transition from summer to winter as we do from winter to summer. We just put them in reverse for the birds are returning from the north and passing through the land to their wintering grounds in Africa.


The folks at Agamon have made note of the first arriving cranes. Many more will follow and then move on after a restful spell at their facilities in the Hula Valley. The pattern is one we look for starting in late September into early October. They are always on time because they are programed to do so by the Creators who have instilled them with "instinct" and thus they respond without hesitation.


As we approach the month of November we are hoping to see some rains actually set up, not the occasional showers of a few days ago. If that is the case the farming communities with have some moisture in the ground for the next grain crop and will respond accordingly with planting their fields. Of course this does not apply to fields that are irrigated through mechanical means.


If we do not get winter rains in November (which is the case in some years) we will have an interesting agricultural year setting up. The pattern since 2005 says it will be a normal year. If that is the case it will be the earliest start of the Month of Abib we have ever witnessed.


So, the criteria of early witnesses we are watching will be the timing of the winter rains and the timing of any snowfall in the period between late January and the middle of February. These are both defining moments in the annual cycles which affect the wild as well as the domestic barley crops in the Land.


Remember we watch for the patterns of all 10 witnesses in creation for the turn of the year from winter to summer. That all starts with recognizing when summer ends and winter begins in earnest.


We hope you are all keeping safe during these chaotic times of good being called evil and evil being called good. Hard to watch but all the same we must be good witnesses against such an evil generation for a future time of reference.

Sabbath November 19, 2021


Winter has arrived in the desert. Lots of pictures and videos from around the Land.