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Nov 21, 2020

Here are yesterday's rain totals for Israel as well as a short video below of the first Israeli snow...right on time!

Nov 21, 2020


Good Morning and Happy Sabbath!

Let's summarize some of the early and latter rain patterns to help some of the new folks to the Abib Calendar and its patterns have a clearer understanding of their significance.

Take last years cycle for an example. The early rains were few and far between during the months of November and for the most part of December in many areas of the Land. That meteorological pattern in Israel will usually spell out a delayed start to the year. That has been the pattern we have observed for about 25 total years in watching the rain amounts in the country.

What took place last year was an example of what can happen when very heavy rains take place as we near what should be the end of the cycle of the 12th month. By that we mean from the middle of 11th Biblical month to the end of the 12th Biblical month.

We took note that during this time period of heavy rains there were no sharav conditions take place. A sharav event is when the weather becomes very hot, dry, and windy. That triggers rapid maturity in the plants which donate the remainder of their existence to filling the seeds so they can be physiologically mature enough to reproduce themselves, thus being aviv.

With the incredible volumes of rain that took place in our normally early maturing barley locations and no sharav's; we witnessed quite an eyeopening event as we should have. The barley grew rapidly in the stock but not in the head until just a matter of a week or two before the end of the 12th month. Yes, there were heads of grain but for the most part they were very immature. They did not have the required amount of sunshine needed to make the starches fill the seeds at what we would call the normal rate.

The rains kept falling in record amounts, and of course, to anyone who works the ground understands, there are usually some very bad side effects to this. We will only address one of them here and it is a very big one. When Linda and I inspected our early locations in the north and center of the countries barley area's we found immature plants as we showed in the pictures of record.

When we inspected our areas in the Western Negev we found individual plants that were nearing maturity surrounded by a sea of immature plants. Please remember we are harvesters not bouquet pickers. What became very obvious to us as we inspected the early locations here, that many of the plants were diseased. We showed this in pictures and so did others reporting in the same locations. Of course they had a far different take on this because they were trying to spin a new tail about a black variety of wild barley. Wild barley yes, but not a new understanding of them. They were diseased in the head, stalk and root systems. This was all a direct result of the heavy volumes of latter rains. One of these diseases actually forces the head to mature so it can embed itself in the seeds. Take that through the Biblically relevant examples. These heavy, sustained latter rains were a curse to the first maturing plants of barley. The "early birds" were not being meant to signal the change of the year. They had become defiled. A younger crop would be used by our Elohim to bring about the heralding of the month of Abib one lunar cycle later as was the case.

Patterns in creation are there for us to learn from. That is why we are so very excited about the amounts of rain the Land has been receiving during this month of November. It is signaling a very balanced cycle ahead so that there will be no doubt as to what our Creators are telling us. The sign of the barley along with the other 9 Biblical signs in creation to signal Their desire to change the year from winter to summer are our goal to witness to this year on this page and the website so that everyone can have the information available to make their own determination and judgements.

Hopefully, this will assist some of the newcomers to the Abib Calendar understanding which many of us hold. If the balanced year continues as it is so far we can expect to see a few sharav conditions develop in the Land during the latter part of January and into February. If we see this taking place we can be confident in a March 15th change of the year. The pattern has never failed us yet.

We will report on all of this in the hope that many others will learn to follow these signs in the Land on an individual basis regardless of where their personal location on earth is.

Nov 20, 2020

We hope your preparation day has (and still is for some) been a delight. Once again welcomed news from Israel for all the little barley seeds. Continued rain in due season.  Take a look at the Israeli Meteorological Service post for today.

Nov 14, 2020

Happy Sabbath to you all. Hananya is sharing a video of the Judean Desert distributing the rains.  Also, there is more rain in the forecast, take a look at the Israeli Meteorological Service post for today.

Nov 7, 2020

Good Morning Brethren and Happy Sabbath to you all.

A question has arisen from some new comers to the Abib Calendar as to why it is important to follow the start of the rainy season in Israel and its involvement in the process of declaring the start of the new year. Good question and it proves you are thinking and not just accepting.

The timeline of mans 6,000 year efforts in the Plan of Salvation can be summed up in simple agricultural cycles. There is the early harvest (Barley) and the later harvest (Wheat). Both harvests are dear to the Elohim in Their plan of expanding Their family. Comparatively there are also the early rains and the later rains.

The simple agricultural patterns and cycles that have been put in place for us to discern the times and seasons have not changed. Our Savior has stated clearly He will never leave nor forsake us. This is just one of the ways He guarantee's will be kept in place for us so that we are able to keep the specific month and day that we are commanded to come before Father and Himself. They also tell us They will bring about all the meteorological conditions to bring about the time frame for changing the end of the year to the start of a new year.

Deuteronomy 11:10-12  "For the land which you go to to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you have come, where you sowed your seed and watered it by foot (water drawn from the Nile River for irrigation) as a vegetable garden. But the land that you cross over to possess is a land of hills and valleys, which drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which Yehovah your Elohim cares. The eyes of Yehovah your Elohim are always on it, from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year."

It is our Creators who set the cycles into motion each and every year to bring about the first grain harvest in the Land which is barley. We have a lot of detailed information with many scriptures and patterns to this effect on our website. This cycle starts with the rains from heaven as well as with the snows for both add moisture to the soil which is necessary for the germination process of the seed. Unfortunately, in this day and age many have been segregated from the land into huge metropolitan areas and have no understanding of these simple processes necessary for life.

Another scripture to this effect is:

Isaiah 55:10  "For as the rain and snow come down from the heavens and do not return there, but water the earth and makes it bring forth the bud and then give seed to the sower and bread to the eater."

There are many more scriptures we could quote as to this particular Biblical agricultural principle of rain and snow in the cycle, but they can be found on the site in articles and in yearly Abib reports.

In answering the question asked, we follow the early rains in acknowledgement that our Creators have started the necessary conditions for the barley growth cycle and thus the timing that They want for the harvest of the First of the Firstfruits and the start to the timing of the annual rehearsals we are to keep on specific days and in specific Biblical months.

With the unprecedented volumes of life-giving rain to the soil this past week it is obvious to us that They have begun that cycle once again. We will be tracking all of the 10 witnesses They have placed in creation for this purpose over the next 4 months in the Land. This is just one of them but is always the first in the annual cycle. We are anticipating a March 15th start to the new year so we will see how that works out in public. Nothing to be done in secret, right?

A short answer to a very appropriate question. Thank you for being involved and learning about the "deeper things of God." No doubt the hour is getting late.

Nov 6, 2020


Hi folks and happy Sabbath to you all. Here is a post from the IMS from today detailing all the rain they have received in Israel so far this month.


Many areas have already exceeded their average totals for the entire month. Just think, in six days.

I hope this link comes through in English so you can read about the complete drenching that parts of the Land have received.


This is a wonderful sign for the events we follow which instruct us as to the turn of the year in the Land as most of you are aware.


The soil was very dry due to one of driest October's on record. That can result in the soil letting a lot of water run off but with the amounts we are talking about over the course of several days a good portion was retained in the top soil.


We will keep you posted on any more unusually early developments.

Oct 13, 2020:  Plans for Abib Reporting in 2021


In December we will start tracking all the meteorological events and conditions which shape the next barley growing season in Israel. What we plan on doing is posting information each week which we use to evaluate when the turn of the year takes place in the Promised Land (from winter to summer). We will cover all the criteria used to do so in the environment and also track all 10 of the Biblical witnesses in creation to that great yearly event taking place. Many of you are familiar with what we do but just as many are not, so we will be once again putting the experiences of 2 decades of inspections in the Land into simple language and simple patterns. These factors and many more are part of the patterns we have recorded and published for all to see for FREE. No cost to anyone. We have a brother in the Land who primarily uses the Domestic barley for his personal understanding as to the turn of the year and a sister who uses the Wild barley for her purposes. Neither of them seek a following or any of your money. We will hopefully be able to include their inspections in the information we will be posting during December through the middle of March.


Here is the link to the article we published last March entitled: "Abib Calendar Criteria to Use when not in the Land."

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