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2022 Abib Reports

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Friday March 11, 2022


Happy Preparation Day to All.

We thought you might enjoy some more of yesterdays footage of the white stork fulfilling her role as one of the prime Biblical Witnesses placed in creation by our Elohim to guide us in our decision of when the Biblical New Year starts.

Jeremiah 8:7 "Even the stork in the heavens knows her appointed times (moedim); and the turtledove, the swift, and the swallow observe the time of their coming (because of instinct placed in them ruled by the sun cycle). But My people do not know the decisions of Yehovah."

The swifts are next to show up in Jerusalem in big numbers. We will keep you posted.

Thursday March 10, 2022


Hi Folks,

For those of you who have been following the key dates on our "Typical March Calendar" you are once again in for a treat.

If you look at the 10th you will see two notes in it: Traditional white stork migration and grapes 10-20th.

This is what took place in the skies over Israel today. The first big flights of white storks entered with their usual bravado letting anyone who has eyes and ears know they have arrived right on time.

No new year has started without their arrival in the Land first in the 20 plus years we have been inspecting and using the Abib Calendar. Thats a simple fact. Thus this year has a 13th month added to it. The Biblical Witnesses embedded in creation are there to instruct us in the decision making process of our Elohim.

For you new comers to this event it is a simple formula which repeats itself twice a year. The white storks fly north to Europe to raise their young and then fly south to spend the winter in Africa.

They are instilled with instinct. They can't resist it for it governs their actions. This time of year as the sun moves towards the Northern Hemisphere an increasing amount of sunlight triggers a chemical reaction in their brains which makes them take flight. It works in reverse as summer is coming to an end and the sun moves to the Southern Hemisphere.

We have addressed this wonder in nature often in the past in articles and reports. They are there on the website if you are interested in more information.


Patterns, patterns and more patterns to keep us on the right path. Thank you Father!

Second post: Thursday March 10, 2022


Hi Folks,

Here is the weekend weather report from the IMS. When we checked the Mount Hermon live cams this morning it was "white out conditions" with the snow falling.

If the extreme cold front moves through next week that will be a pure bust for those adhering to a March Passover/UB if there has not been enough evidence to date to wake some brethren up.

With our Elohim controlling the weather conditions in the Land to suit their purposes and goals we need to be watching all the meteorological conditions as they unfold. That is what we have been emphasizing from the beginning of this growing cycle.

Fathers mercy is beyond measure and He will always provide a way out of wrong decisions or serious trials. At least I believe that with all my heart.

Our Peace we give to you.

Winter has not yet said its final word - low temperatures on our way

Although the smell of spring is already in the air , next week it will definitely feel like winter is still here.

Today local rains fell in the north and the center, accompanied by awake winds that will go and get stronger. In the evening the rains will gradually get stronger, and will continue to fall in the north and the center accompanied by strong winds. Tomorrow morning there is even a chance of light snow in the high peaks in the north, but during the day the rains will weaken gradually decrease, and it will be cold.

On Saturday it will continue to be quite cloudy with a possibility of light rain here and there, but the winds will already weaken. It’s going to be very cold .

Early next week temperatures will rise slightly and there will be a break from rain, but on Sunday night, local and short rain is possible mainly in the north.

At the moment it looks like a new weather system will arrive in the middle of next week, accompanied mainly by a very significant cold, and it may also show a little snow on the mountain tops, however we will update on that later.

How about purim ? Right now it seems that the holiday is in the sign of weather stabilization.

May it be a quiet and warm Saturday

Thursday March 10, 2022


Hi Folks,

We thought you would be interested in the IMS forecast information for the next week or so. If you go to their site you can see the daily forecast into mid week coming up.

Some nights in Jerusalem will be 32F/0C so bundle up. The models suggest two successive cold fronts moving through in the next 7-8 days. Snow on Hermon and possibly in the high elevations as well in the North.

Once again, winter is still present in the Land. Such conditions slow down all the growth patterns.

Wednesday March 9, 2022


Hi Folks,

We hope you are following the key dates on the Typical March Calendar this year. The key dates for the start of several of the Biblical Witnesses are noted on it. They are true to it each and every year unless there has been a major weather disturbance for a few weeks.

The favorite song in the Land these days is: rain, rain, go away, come back another day.

Remember the fig trees in the higher elevations of the Judean Hills will not traditionally start budding sooner than the 7th of this month.

The traditional migration of the White Storks usually will not start until the 10th of this month. We are talking about the very visible spires of WS turning in the skies above the Land. Do not confuse this with the small groups of WS which have been wintering in Israel as they start to move further north in the country to find their favorite dinner, frogs.

The Judean Hills are awash it the white blossoms of the wild almonds. That only happens in extended years at this time in the month.

We have been talking about the grain crops in Israel being harvested for silage for some years now because there were some people trying to sell it all as the harvest beginning. Ignorance is bliss as the saying goes.

Bridget sent over a video from one of the farm families she follows who traditionally get their winter wheat seeds in early and this year it paid off well. They have started to cut it, not harvest it, for silage for dairy operations, etc.

9 Mar 2022 - Silage.png
Tuesday March 8, 2022


Good morning Folks,

It is always good to spend time with you early each morning. There is lots of activity in the Land these days as the season is setting itself for the change from winter to summer.

Today we are able to show you some photos from John. He was not able to enter the country earlier as he had hoped but when the vaccine requirement was dropped he did make arrangements to travel there and expand his inspecting experience.

There are several of us adding to his inspection locations of his own. Thanks John for putting in the time and effort. We have some pictures from yesterday and the day before.

The first picture is a classic scene along route 667 west of route 90. This is what we refer to as the SW section of the conjunction of the Jezreel and Jordan Valleys. Lots of agriculture here even in the elevations on the Jezreel Valley slopes.

This location is 3 miles west of route 90. Yes, that is very young wild barley towering above its domestic sister. That is what much of the wild version looks like when growing in the same good soil that has been seeded to domestic. Some of you folks are very familiar with it, but for many new comers here is a good depiction of what we have been talking about.

Many of you have recently seen pictures of anemic "goat grass" barley. Compare this acceptable wild barley found in good soils to the anemic ones found in stony unacceptable soils.

Some may say I see stony soil here. No you do not. What you see to the left is rock. There are outcroppings like this all along the south slope of the valley and as you move up in elevation it becomes the dominant feature. They are loaded with goat grass and weeds. What you see the two sister barley's growing in here is the soils which have eroded down over time to the flat open areas which are found at this elevation. That is important.

The wild barley here is in the flowering stage with some a little younger. The domestic is coming out of the boot, and head emergence. Within a few days it will be out and into the flowering stage as well, if the weather holds which we are being told by the IMS will not. Some of it was as John send over pictures.

The next few pictures are from the area along route 508. This short stretch of road runs between 458 and 57. It is located on the rim of the western slope of the Jordan Valley. It too is an area of rock outcroppings and flat areas which are used for agriculture.

This first picture captures the essence of the area. You can see a large field planted in domestic barley. Zoom in to look at the age of it. Much of it has the head emerged and entering the flowering stage. Of course the seed sacks are empty at this time but will begin to develop and start their process of filling up with starches soon.

If you look closely you will see some 6 row heads in with the predominant 2 row heads. If you zoom into the top of this field you will see wild barley growing where the domestic and the rock area starts. Also notice the 4 legged lawn mowers at work there. The young Bedouin shepherd will not let them into the domestic. That is a very bad offense with a very bad punishment.

There is also a little wild mustard in this field.

In the next picture you can see two of the more advanced heads which are a long way from physiological maturity. We at times call this the teenage years.

John took some closeups of young barley coming out of the boot for the folks who need some work on that aspect of their understanding. Notice in the domestic it too is flowering at times when it emerges.

Who can find the tares in this photo?

Next we have a photo of wild oats on the periphery of the planted fields. Here is where the soil traditionally changes to stony before getting to rock. You can see the young wild barley at the top of the picture. Both of these are what we refer to as goat grass. Any wild grains found in stony soils were used for grazing not for harvesting grain. Notice how small the wild barley heads are here compared to those in the good soil of the first picture.

On the day before John looked in one of our traditionally early areas around Sde Eliyahu. The wild barley was at best in the flowering stage as the first picture from this area demonstrates.

The second one speaks volumes as to the past meteorological conditions in the area. This grain looks like spelt, but that is not the focus here. Look at how congested it is. Look at all the main heads and tiller heads trying to compete. This field is also inundated with tares. Zoom in at the bottom to see just how many are strewn throughout.

This is the result of a lot of moisture and growing in good soils. So for those of you who were not sure what tares look like you have a mother load to see here. John is standing on the gravel road taking these pictures.

Once again, thanks to John for sending these over. We will continue to show you his pictures from different areas if they make it through to us.

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.37.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.37.22 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.37.38 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.37.56 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.38.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.37.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.38.09 AM.png
Monday March 7, 2022


Good Morning to All,

We hope your week started well yesterday and is continuing as such.

Lots of folks are curious about the sequencing of witnesses which commences in the Gregorian month of March. Many of you have the article attached here but for those who do not we have once again provided a link to it.

The March calendar included in it is the approx timing of many of the Biblical witnesses which take place every March. Without a majority of them a new year has never started at the end of a Biblical 12th month during our 20 plus years of watching and inspecting.

Some of you are asking the same two questions of late so that tells me someone out there is publishing some real nonsense.

In brief: no there is no such thing as a 14th month Biblically. To have one in your calendar adjustment tools means you were in error prior to it.

And Gilgal has been getting thrown around as a location to look for first barley. Anyone who proclaims such nonsense has no understanding of what that area is like in the present times. It is a wasteland outside of some greenhouses which are irrigated so to speak and a few tourist traps which also have water pumped in.

Hoping the link below works to the article "What Criteria to look for when not in the Land"

Sunday March 6, 2022


Good Morning Folks,

An especially happy day for me with some developments in my life.

I hope you too have special moments during the confusion and endless bad news surrounding us in the world.

Lots of photo's for this morning from the South. We are going to pick on the domestic today with a very instructional comparison.

So, lets start with the fields surrounding the "lonely tree" we have been following. Actually there are 2 trees within several hundred feet of each other but one gets more film coverage than the other because it is closer to the parking lot.

You are familiar with the first picture. It is from this location taken February 13, 2021. Notice again the stage of growth this field was in then. Look to the heads of grain.

Now lets fast forward to yesterday at the same field. There are 3 pictures to examine as to the maturity of the head development. It is simple to see the heads of grain are coming out of the boot with some still in it. Use your Zadoks scale to determine what stage they are in on average, and then do the math to the estimated time of physiological maturity. Pictures are worth a thousand empty words of confusion.

In the first of the three you can see the overall condition and age of the field.

In the second you can see a closer look at it with heads of grain in the boot, coming out of the boot, and a few starting to flower if you zoom in.

Now examine the third picture in this little series. What condition would you classify this field in using Zadoks scale and how long will it be to harvest ready grain?

Now lets do some simple math to understand what this location is telling us about the year we are in, actually the 13th month of the year. The photo from last year on February 13 (2021) shows grain being more mature than the field is today on March 6, 2022. The math is simple. Three weeks difference in Gregorian Calendar timing. If you check our post from back on February 10th (I think) you will see we spoke about this location being at least 2-3 weeks behind what it was last year. That was a normal 12 month Biblical Year back then when it was taken.

As it proves out, the grain this year is even a little more than 3 weeks behind in the Zadok Growth Scale from what it was last year. Almost a Biblical Month to the day to be accurate.

We have a record of following this location in the Ruhama area of the NW Negev. We do so from September of each year. This entire region is planted before the winter rains start each and every year.We do so to make sure there is no discrepancy in being manipulated by different times of planting.

Yes, it takes a lot of work and effort to keep track of all of this but so does our calling. It requires our hand being on the plow continually.

You may ask why is this region planted so early. The answer is simple to understand: the South gets less rain that other parts of the Promised Land here at the end of the age. What rain it does get is very important to the timing of the harvest. This region gets hotter sooner than others and the rain also stops sooner than others. Thus the farming community here gets the seed in the ground very early in Sept and October awaiting the first rains so it can germinate early into the cycle of the winter weather.

It is in the same ground as the self-seeded wild grains here waiting for our Elohim to send the life giving rains to it.

Thus it is subject to the same growing cycle. Both have a 90 day perfect conditions growth cycle. But, it never just takes 90 days because of all the meteorological conditions which cause it to stall and then once again start up. You have witnessed (through our continued coverage of this particular field this year) how it basically stalled in Zadoks stage 4, for over three weeks.

Now who do you think did that?

Now lets look at some other locations in the NW Negev to confirm these fields are in harmony with the one we just looked at. There are 4 pictures in this series.

The first shows a happy young man sitting amongst some very healthy young barley. Remember how you identify barley. This is 2 row domestic.

Then follow through and see locations from around the South all being in the same two Zadok scale growth stages. Once again harmony in the growth cycle in the South.

Let us now move onto the wild oats. Here are 2 photos from among many from yesterday which show some happy young oats who received a needed rain shower. These reflect the current state of much of the wild oats in the South. These are located in good ground. Some are still in the boot and some are out of the boot and starting to spread their pod laden heads. Remember the wild oats are a forerunner to the wild barley in maturity.

The wild barley is still quite young in this region when growing in good ground. The goat grass barley is ahead of the acceptable wild barley but it too is very young still as we have been posting for a month and as others have posted just recently.

Later this week we will make the effort to post on the wild barley growing in acceptable ground which is in harmony with her domestic sister.

Keep safe in our Lord and Savior.

Our Peace we give to you.

6 Mar 22 - lonly tree.png
6 mar 2022 - lonly tree2.png
6 Mar 2022 - 2 row negev2.png
6 Mar 2022 - 2 row negev4.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 8.19.04 AM.png
6 Mar 2022 - lonly tree1.png
6 Mar 2022 - 2 row negev1.png
6 Mar 2022 - 2 row negev3.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 8.18.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 8.19.15 AM.png
Second post: Sabbath March 5, 2022


Hi Folks,

It is an exciting time of year watching things come to life and many going through their growth cycle stages. Creation is just amazing.

The Eurasian banded doves are showing up in numbers in Israel right on time as the migration takes place. It will only be a matter of a few days when the first spires of migrating white storks appear over the skies of Israel unless inclement weather holds them up. The big migration will start later in the month.

Figs in the lower elevations should be starting to show themselves from their winter hibernation and then move up in elevations as the month progresses.

You can view these key dates on the Typical March calendar we have put together. They hold true each and every year.

But now to the differences in barley and how we are commanded to acknowledge them in our yearly inspections.

Let me start with stating how gratifying it is to me, after all these years to see brethren, and even those who do not consider themselves as part of the Body of Christ/Messiah maturing to the width, height, and depth of the Abib Calendar of God/Elohim. It is a watershed doctrine of our times here at the end of the age. It is a learning process.

The setting is truly white for harvest, even though there is yet time before it takes place. Thank you, Father!

For this post we can simply say people want to know more details about the wild barley and domestic barley in the Land. Most of these folks have not taken the time to read through our writings about them. I understand that, and I understand the zeal which can drive a person to get to that point and skip the time it normally would take to do so. There is a danger in that, for salvation is in the details, not just the answer at the end.

I often refer back to our Saviors use of the parable of the Sower as part of our Biblical guidlines. He demonstrates the parallel understanding between grain sown in different types of soils, and the successful efforts to salvation depicted in what is harvestable.

In this post we will not be talking about the seeds sown by the wayside. Nothing we can do about that spiritual scenario He describes. It is above our pay grade so to speak.

However, the next three are very important to our understanding of the agricultural and Biblical principles and patterns we use in determining what is acceptable and what is not acceptable; not only for a harvest, but for a Wavesheaf to start that harvest.

Let’s review this parable and our Saviors answers so the details are all fresh in our mind for how they apply to the barley crops evaluation. For my Jewish friends reading this, bear with my folly in your eyes for a bit until we get to what you are looking for. Thank you.

Matthew 13  “Then He spoke many things to them in parables, saying: Behold, a Sower went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured them (didn’t even germinate). Some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; and they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of soil. But when the sun was up, they were scorched, and because they had no root, they withered away (did not come to an acceptable harvest ready condition. This is what we call Goat Grass). And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up and choked them (this has, and is happening to some who started in the awareness of the growth cycle of the Abib Calendar, but have been deceived by false witnesses). But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty (they came to an acceptable harvest condition with some good ground being more nutritious than others, but the key is a successful harvest ready condition). He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

Now to the spiritual realities of this instruction from Christ/Messiah:

“Therefore, hear the parable of the Sower: when anyone hears the word of the kingdom, and does not understand, then the wicked comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart. This is he who received seed by the wayside. But he who received the seed on stony places, this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy; yet he has no root in himself, but endures only for a while. For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles. Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful. But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?”

“He answered and said to them, because it has been given to you to know the mysteries (hidden truths) of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. Therefore, I speak to them (who is them?) in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says:

Hearing you will hear and shall not understand, and seeing you will see and not perceive; for the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with eyes and hear with ears, lest they should understand with hearts and turn, so that I should heal them.

But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear; for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous desired to see what you see, and did not see, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.”

So please do not lose any sleep over those who do not understand the hidden truths of the scriptural patterns. When I have spoken to these things in the past there were some who considered themselves as being part of the Body of Christ/Messiah who stopped listening, and in some cases even vilified me for using spiritual realities tied to physical undertakings. What a badge of honor to wear in the Household of Father.

I believe that Christ/Messiah is not only my Sacrificial Lamb of Fathers Household, but also my Wavesheaf Offering of Fathers Household. He was beaten and threshed on my behalf for I am a Gentile who is grafted into Native Israel. Thus, He is my Wavesheaf. The harvest of the Second Marriage Covenant starts with Him. It must be a Holy Harvest of unblemished grain. Thus, He instructs us the grain growing in anemic ground is anemic and blemished and will not be considered as harvest ready in the Biblical reality of it even if it does make it to a form of maturity. So why would we use it to declare it acceptable as a wavesheaf to start the year? That is Biblically insane.

So, let us deal with the Goat Grass which is growing in stony soils. Scriptures instruct me that I am not to use this wild barley growing in stony ground because of its many shortcomings as well as it being acceptable for coming to a harvest.


Because the ground does not hold the right amount of nourishment and certainly not the right amount of moisture to sustain it when the weather turns to warm and dry. Those are the instructions of our Savior, not mine. That speaks to the strength of the relationship between our Savior and ourselves as delivered by our use of the spirit of the Elohim. The true nourishment of one bound to Them both. The Father and the Son. The good soil to ensure strong sustained growth in favor and acceptance and knowledge of our Lord and Savior. Leave Him out of the equation and you will come up short in your understanding, application, or the timing of the Abib Calendar.

We have shown this classification of ground and the effects it has on the wild barley for many, many years now. You can view them in the historical records of our abib inspections on the website. Unfortunately, there are some inspectors in the Land who do not agree with that, nor do they understand why not. I do not have a problem with that. I emptied myself of that emotional condition associated with it back in 2005 and now just address the factual failures of using this blemished barley and their use of it.

What has been good to read this year is that some (probably only one) who use this wild barley from unacceptable stony ground, only use it as an indicator for the timing of the real harvest of acceptable barley. I know this method well myself as do some others.

It is an established fact, and recorded in our historical reports, that this anemic barley can be used to ascertain the previous meteorological growing conditions in its life cycle to date in different areas. That is important for it is those conditions which regulate the speed and success of growth in acceptable grains from good ground. You can read about that once again in our past reports.

No doubt you have been seeing pictures and videos of this anemic wild barley growing in anemic stony soils. If the rains are good it is sustained for a longer time than if they were not. Stony and sandy soils shed moisture very quickly in Israel so they need a sustained amount of rain to keep them alive. That has happened for the most part this Biblical year in the Land. Thus, you can see some nice stands of maturing anemic wild barley. But the moment the rains stop it will force itself to grow up faster than it is supposed to in stony soils. That usually manifests itself in the head with only a few seeds out of many maturing to physiological maturity which is the definition of aviv. Those few seeds are always located in the center of the head leading to it easily shattering out of its actual time cycle. Thus, a blemished anemic plant unacceptable to be deemed harvestable by our Saviors standards.

With this all said, and to which much more could be added, we look for wild barley growing in good ground. We also want to see it growing in or adjacent to domestic barley fields. Good soils are ones that can be tilled using the instruments of the day in which Christ/Messiah walked the earth in the flesh.

Please listen to this agricultural fact. Wild barley growing in good ground/soil, in or adjacent to domestic barley that had been planted before the winter rains start will both mature at the same rate in Zadok’s growth cycle in Israel. They are both subject to the exact same meteorological conditions and timings of germination, etc. Our Elohim oversee the meteorological conditions as they have promised in scripture; from the very beginning to the very end of the yearly cycle. (Deut. 11:10-12)

We have posted many pictures and detailed explanations of this happening during our inspections over the years. It is very important to being accurate about the timing of the year changing from winter to summer, and thus, a new Biblical Year for counting when we are to keep the annual appointed times of rehearsal with our Elohim.

No Goat Grass allowed as a determining factor, just an indicator to use in evaluating. And then only when acceptable samples of “harvestable” grain can be seen growing and evaluated as to their potential timing through the use of Zadok’s Scale.

Just a small digression:

Do you think it is a coincidence that there is a scale for judging barley growth throughout its cycle being called Zadoks here at the end of the age?

The only family that remained loyal to our Elohim under the terms and conditions of the First Marriage Covenant was the household of Zadok as scripture instruct us. If you want the short version of this Biblical fact and its future outcome, please read Ezekiel 44:10-16. This is our Elohim speaking and their sense of humor being directed at all the self-proclaimed and self-indulgent proclaimed Levites of our time. In those instructions He also tells us all other Levites will be janitors in the Temple.

So, all you self-proclaimed levites of this day who insist on telling me and others you set the criteria for determinations of times and seasons, take a hike. Practice on the humility of floor scrubbing skills around the sacrificial altar and service to others instead of wanting to have the chief seat among us. That role is already filled by our Head, our Savior. Now back to the barley.

Many are curious of how I look at the relationship between the wild barley and the domestic barley? Once again this is primarily for the new folks but also useful to others.

The answer is simple agriculturally and Biblically: they are sisters who witness to us. Yes, 2 witnesses. However, there are rules associated with their testimony. I will get to them shortly. Let’s review their genetic construction.

Both have 14 chromosomes, seven pairs of two each equaling 14. That is special because that continuity does not exist in their cousins, the wheat. Only Einkorn wheat has 14 chromosomes (2 sets of 7 chromosomes). It even looks a lot like wild and 2 row domestic barley. Its sisters have a minimum of 28 chromosomes, with modern wheat toping it all off with 42. Lots to think about their, eh!

Both wild (Hordeum Spontaneum) and domestic (Hordeum Vulgare) may be sisters, but there is a big difference which speaks to many things including which can actually sustain a harvest, and which cannot sustain a harvest.

The domestic grain has what is referred to as a gene mutation, which is really not a mutation, but an enhancement with a spiritual reality likened to it. It is labeled BT1- BT2. (It has been in play for millennia if not from the beginning.) This is very important in agricultural and Biblical terms and to our understanding of the 7 weeks of harvesting times allotted for the first harvest, the barley harvest.

Simply put, this domestic barley difference allows the domestic head with the grain in it to stay intact for many weeks after it has reached physiological maturity, which in fact takes place somewhere between Zadoks 8.5 and 8.7 as we have demonstrated often in the past which you can see the results of our experimenting with it on the website. That physiological timing of being able to reproduce itself in its seeds applies to both wild and domestic.

On the other hand, wild barley, even growing amongst the domestic barley is not able to withstand the beating of a harvest.


Because wild barley will always fall apart in the head after it has reached physiological maturity. You try to cut it and the head breaks up falling to the ground. Or, if in your hand falling apart there. We have demonstrated this often but some newer folks may not understand this or even be aware of this difference between the 2 barley sisters.

One of our past apprentices in inspections has convinced a bunch of people that when Israel entered the Land the only barley that was there to harvest was wild barley. That would have been a frustrating hoot to watch for those folks coming into the Promised Land of milk and honey. They would want to turn around to the easy pickings of manna. You could not in any way bundle physiologically mature wild barley into sheaf's to stand in the field to dry. The heads would fall apart in almost every instance at first contact. Then you would be facing a forever gleaning project ahead.

So, when you hear us talking about wild barley in terms of harvesting a wavesheaf etc., we are talking about the timing of its ability to be mature enough for it to reproduce itself after the pattern of Genesis. And you will only ever hear us making this claim for wild barley which comes from good ground; not stony ground, and for that matter not from locations which are choked out by weeds after the example Christ/Messiah gave us earlier, or from locations defiled by sheep and goats meandering through them eating and defecating on them.

Please remember the rules of Leviticus apply to all of this regardless of which Covenant scriptures you are looking at. Both shoes, as an old friend of mine used to say. However, he only wanted me to use one and that is all I actually needed to his dismay. You may want to brush up on the rules associated with a Holy Grain Offering.

Once again, wild barley has never been used as the actual harvestable crop. We can use the anemic wild barley growing in stony ground to establish what the growing season has been like to that point, and with years of experience watching the varying patterns to it, establish a base timeline to maturity of acceptable grains. This is just one of the many benefits of being involved with the entire growth process like a good farmer does from beginning to end.

Farming is hard work. Remember Isaiah 28: 23-26 clearly defines the rules of harvestable grain crops as to their environments they are found in and the work put into it.

“Give ear and hear my voice, listen and hear my speech. Does the plowman keep plowing all day to sow? Does he keep turning his soil and breaking the clods? When he has leveled its surface, does he not sow the black cummin and scatter the cummin, plant the wheat in rows, the barley in the appointed place, and the spelt in its place? For He instructs him in right judgment, his God/Elohim teaches him.”

Barley is planted in its appointed place which has been plowed, broken down and leveled, thus prepared for planting. That is not wild barley in stony ground folks. Either we believe the scriptures, or we do not. Thus, we do not use anemic wild barley from stony ground in our final analysis. It has its purpose at times, it is not the decision maker.

We use wild and domestic barley growing in good soil, either together or side by side with each other. Two witnesses. But, one has to be aware of when the domestic barley was planted. If it was long after the rains of winter starting (because that can happen with the technologies used today in farming) it will be maturing much later than the wild barley growing in it and around it due to a later germination. Thus it could not be used that year for its timing was manipulated outside of our Elohim. In that case we would use the wild barley without the domestic in our evaluation. But there must be no shortcomings in assessing a large number of areas to see what the norm was in that particular year as has happened to us twice in the past.

And then we have the other 9 witnesses placed in creation and recorded as to their purpose in the determination process in scripture, in determining the Biblical start of the year; it’s changing from winter to summer in the Promised Land, the place where our Elohim has His focus on, from the very beginning of the year to the very end of the year. If a majority of them are not present with the to support a sketchy barley growth cycle at the end of the 12th Biblical Month then our Elohim has different plans and the current year is extended.

Something of interest to some of you may be the fact that the drought resistant gene in wild barley has been identified and is being added to the domestic barley in some experiments in Israel. Mankind just keeps trying to improve what God/Elohim has put in place. To date there had never been this type of manipulation to the barley. Both the wild and the domestic had not been genetically altered.

In spiritual realities associated with the barley sisters I look at the domestic barley in some characteristic respects as the body of Christ/Messiah. The head is not easily broken and all the seeds hold tightly together when trouble arises and violence ensues through the strength of the head. The wild barley does its best, but without the gene “mutation” it will fall apart before its time. But giving credit where credit is due, the wild barley growing in good soils is very well equipped to survive drought conditions. The domestic is as well, but nowhere near the ability of her wild sister. That is an admirable, as well as a desirable characteristic in spiritual terms.

For those of you who do not look to Christ/Messiah in your belief structures, or in your understanding of the grain harvest with respect to spiritual realities in Israel, please, just use the other stuff spoken of here by me in your understandings.

I hope that can help answer the questions of some as to what my understanding of the abib inspection process is based on, utilizing the wild and domestic barley.

Lots more information to come in the days ahead God/Elohim willing.


Our Peace we give to you. is the latest rain summary report

Israel Rain Record as of Mar 2, 2022.png
Sabbath March 5, 2022


Good Morning Brethren,

We hope you are being sheltered and blessed in your keeping of the Sabbath rest. Later today we will post some answers to some really good questions/insights from some. Remember, if you want something answered or acknowledged by us you need to use the email at the head of this page to do so.

It was a typical winter week in Israel this past one. Some rain some sun and a lot of clouds which keep the barley young. It will get a break from winter tomorrow with the temperatures maybe hitting 70F/21C in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, it will be short lived with sporadic rain in some places before an anticipated big return to winter by Thursday.

We will see how the weather prophets at the IMS do this week. Their track record has been really good so far this winter season.

One simple question I will answer now is; will it be a normal year next year. First off for me and many others "next year" has not started yet. It is just short of a month away.

I am assuming it is in relation to the year after the next one starting in April. So yes, this next coming year will be a 12 month year. That has been, and will be, a Biblical fact you can use if you are using the Abib Calendar understandings that we use. The necessity of using intercalated years will only change when our Savior returns and the axis of the earth is corrected from its current tilted one and then 12 month years of 30 days each will be set in place as scriptures repeat to us.

After an intercalated year it is always a normal year. Never 2 intercalated in a row. Thus the Biblical Year in 2023 will start on Thursday March 23 if the crescent is seen the evening before. That crescent will have a visibility rating of 119 based on Bruce's algorithms from Jerusalem.

You can find them listed on our website: up through 2029/30 if you care to use them.

That has brought up another question for some know how we look at such things from our postings and writings on our history of experiences with the Abib Calendar.

Is it necessary to go to the Land and inspect in the year following an intercalated one?

NO it is not. That will be given a lot of detail for new folks to absorb in the post later today. For you new folks we will be introducing you to the term/designation I coined after the 2005 Abib Calendar betrayal. The term is "Goat Grass."

Briefly, in 2005 a location of completely unacceptable, dead, anemic, wild barley was used to declare a 12 month year ending. It was very difficult for us Christian inspectors to believe what was actually taking place. We won't be speaking to all of that activity later, but, to know how to avoid being sucked into a false witness by understanding the Biblical and Agricultural facts governing the Abib Calendar of Elohim.

The one good thing which came out of that years betrayal was my realization that I had to be much more detailed in my reports when explaining exactly what we were seeing in the Land and educating folks to all the criteria we use. I had assumed that everyone understood what I did about the terms and patterns associated with the inspections, that was an error on my part. Thus, I am somewhat to blame for the confusion of that year on that basis.

You will read after that how, my reports in particular, changed. I have tried to improve on it every year with much more details and understandings so brethren can make a really educated decision. Our calling is all about making right choices from wrong choices. Very simple.

Now for some of you, we have a few pictures which once again speak volumes to the timing of the year and the hypocrisy of others.

The first picture from yesterday is what the ridge above the Jezreel Valley looks like south of Poriya. Some of you guys have seen this more than once when in the Land. Definitely winter on the ridge.

The next 2 are what it looks like on the other side as you descend to the Valley floor. Lots of young domestic grain.

Here is a little quiz:

Is there a Biblical pattern to be seen from the scriptures describing a wild olive branch being grafted into a domestic olive tree, and the wild barley and the domestic barley?

So many Biblical realities are encoded and embedded in creation.


Our Peace we give to you.

5 Mar 2022 - Jezreel Valley S of Poryia.png
5 Mar 2022 - Jezreel Valley1.png
5 Mar 2022 - Jezreel Valley2.png
Friday March 4, 2022 (Updated)


Happy Preparation Day to Everyone,

We hope you have all made your decisions as to the start of the year which for us is a non start to the new year. The evidences are overwhelming from our 4 month of continual evaluations, which are also shared by others who have an actual experience in doing so in the Land.

I get the sense that our apprentice from several years back has declared the start to the year? PT Barnum said it well: "there is one born every minute."

Thank you for the questions from those of you who have followed the method here to get answers. Even though we state on the Page and post it anew every couple of weeks folks still attempt to post and comment.

We never open them, they are automatically blocked, never opened, and thus declined. Lots of peace of mind in that.

Some have asked why we do that? It is simple, this Page is an information source only where anyone can come in peace and quiet and review current posts of the Abib Calendar process.

Unfortunately, there are people who want to tarnish this simple process which is carried out decently and